Zoom Sessions for Fun!

No use dwelling on the fact that we cannot have 'real' parties to end the year.

No use worrying about where we didn't go this year. But let's celebrate the fact that we made it through the year with many smiles and much creativity.

As I've been paging through my art, I find to my surprise that there it a huge collection of work that has magically filled shelves and pages in a creative diary. So much so that after thinking I had 'run out of paper' in July, I now must really order some more for the holiday season. What a lovely surprise!

I've learned that you can have cyber sessions filled with laughter and creativity and have re-connected with many 'long-ago friends' in other countries who perhaps I wouldn't have seen without Zoom. So a sincere thank you to the Zoomers who were prepared to launch into the 21st century, trust the process and join the sessions.

The Penfriends studio continues to function in my upstairs creative space where I sit quietly in the corner planning sessions and creating pieces. There is much work needed for a Zoom session with continued research and Power Point sessions for explanations.

I found this quote a little while ago and thoroughly enjoy the little 'bon mot' and the reality of the quote as we have been living over the past months.

My students have been supportive and 'good sports'. They have pulled together and while we don't meet we have chatted and enjoyed each other's company as we negotiated the creative time together.

What used to be an everyday coffee outing is now a special treat. So when I take myself out for a quick chat and sip with a friend at an 'open air' cafe on a clear day the warmth of cappuccinos has strengthened friendships.

Visiting grandchildren is as special as ever with a hug sneaked in-between 'sanitising and masks'. We plan a family weekend in the Free State in December where we hope the weather will be hot so that we can share good food and lazy, hazy days.

With the holidays in sight I look forward to delving into books and completing projects that have been lying in baskets far too long.

I hope you have enjoyed your 'unplugged 2020' and have some great plans for 2021. But if you have no plans, remember laughter is an instant vacation.