The Leaves are Falling: It must be autumn

One week we were warm with a slight chill in the evenings the next we are wrapped in scarfs, blowing our finger warm and well into autumn.

We popped down to the Free State again to enjoy the autumn trees and snuggle around the fire. Our littlest grandchildren joined us with their parents and we had some wonderful conversations with the little ones. Usually after the evening story, Dovi asked, could we have a chat? And of course nana's was instantly engaged. But when this little four year old started chatting about algorithms and trillion billions of numbers, nana's ability to carry on a conversation wasn't as adept as normal.

During the past few months I've had a wonderful time collaborating with my artist son John, who helped me in a few pieces that were to be part of an exhibition in India. Sadly the exhibition has been cancelled as the professor in charge in gravely ill. But John and I had some good times together working through various ideas and projects. it was an exciting opportunity and even though the pieces will not be shown overseas, we will certainly post them when they are ready to be seen.

I chose to work with our South African fauna & flora. I found words, John did the images. It was a most interactive time and enjoyed by both of us. I'm also sure that we will find time to work together again. I've had some time off teaching and have been preparing for the upcoming sessions which is always challenging and great fun. The new course is eight weeks long and will look at various alphabets to creative one personal perfect alphabet. It could be such fun!

'Winter is an etching. Spring a watercolour. Summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all'.

As always enjoy the crisp autumn moments that we are privileged to experience.

Till next time.