Teddy Bears & Tea

Today was a special day as Friends with Threads handed over blankets and teddies to The Teddy Bear Clinic. Dalene and Edzi joined us. With their warmth and dedication it was a pleasure to chat to them and share some good laughter. We are committed to making over 50 teddy bears by the end of year. We will pair with the dancers of the Joburg Ballet who are keen to add teddy knitting to their repertoire. If you are keen to knit (or crochet) a teddy or two please contact me.

In the past few weeks David and I have been fortunate to visit the bush on our own and with friends from the USA who joined us in Madikwe where we had some remarkable game viewings. Leopard in a tree. Lions and cubs and cheetah brothers surveying the surrounding area. Madikwe was part of my grandfather's cattle ranch and it is gratifying to see how the bush has reclaimed its space. I am sure the spring rains will help with growth and turn the area lush green in a few days. We return there in November so we will have a good comparison once we go on game drives to see the area.

My students and I have had some creative moments in the past few weeks. The theme is colour and a different colour is chosen each session where creativity plays an important role in design and and letterform. Classes will stop at the end of November with a Zoom evening filled with creative work. What a great year we've managed to have.

The next week is filled with many celebrations which will boost me into the three quarters of a century category. What a thought! Take care everyone till next time.