Signs of Spring Here & There

With another excursion to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park now over, we are back home and settling back into our daily semi lockdown routine. Classes begin again tomorrow and my bridge sessions will be in full swing too. So there is much to look forward to.

The quiet stillness of the bush is a gift especially when there is little or no internet coverage. While there is a special feel at dawn and dusk, the changing scenery and animals in their search for water, safety and shelter allows much time for contemplation and wonder.

I took images for future projects and consider thoughts and ideas for 2021. While this may seem crazy in the light of what 2020 has offered us, I think that we have been given a gift of time to rethink our place on the planet and have been given the opportunity to re-boot our lives in a way that we never thought possible.

During the long journey to the park and back, I had hours to do my knitting projects, read, chat to David or simply be silent. What a privilege it is to spend time with someone who is such a great part of my life and really enjoy his company and ideas.

David had some special photographic opportunities and while I was at times turned facing a bush our sightings were spectacular. We saw caracal who kept us busy for over an hour, Cape Foxes at their den. Beautiful plains game with Gemsbok and their scimitar horns who remind me of jousting knights when they spar, to prides of lion and a mating couple. We found jackal bathing in a pool and Kori Bustards striding over dunes.. On our final morning we came across a pride of eleven lion who allowed us to be part of their social interactions for over an hour. The elusive leopard was just that, so we look forward to our next sojourn in this beautiful part of our country which has managed to weather the virus storm so gracefully and productively.

As we prepare for the last part of of 2020 I look forward to new creative opportunities and memories of sunrises and moon rises over the dunes. The echo of crying jackal and barking geckos will allow me to recall the richness of the bush as I look forward to the greening of our garden with the sounds of a calling oriel and cooing doves as they wash over a warm spring day