Past Mid-Winter

It seems to have been a particularly long few cold months what with the challenge of load shedding and very chilly days, I've had to remind myself that I do have a home, food, a blanket and a few scarves. A wise car guard who often chats to me when I arrive and leave the nursery, says that this year it seems that the 3 months of winter are 6 months long. And I agree. I am delighted to tell you that our outreach group, Friends with Threads has made and distributed many scarves and blankets this year and with teddies piling up and waiting to be filled with love, we've had a most successful time. As always thank you to all who participate.

Penfriends Cyber studio has worked well again with students participating enthusiastically in the challenges of Zoom to Zoom classes. The advantage is that I have students as far as the Torquay and Somerset West, which adds a little glamour to the situation not forgetting the special people on my doorstep who are such willing participants. Their work remains exciting and colourful.

This year some of us participated in the ICAD (Index Card Creative Challenge) which is set up by Daisy Yellow and simply allows me (at least) to do 'something creative' without any thought of what is wrong, but what is right about each card I create. No pressure. Few rules. MUCH fun! With 7 prompts a week you have the opportunity to use them or leave them and be astonished at the results.

Looking at all 45 'cards' I am delighted with the colour and variety of the cards. We're nearly halfway through and I'm still having fun!

Once again we are 'off to the bush'. This time the Kruger with family for a while. Then time on our own and then will visit family in White River on our way home. Always making sure I pack 'everything I need in the most compact way I have books piled onto my Kindle. Paint materials and paper in a rectangular tin and this time extra 'fun stuff to do with grandchildren'. I've added a daily 'lucky-packet' type treat for the grandchildren to choose after lunch which my mother used to do for me when I was very little. Oh, and a pack of cards which will come out as we all seem to enjoy 'playing' cards. Our grandson suggests that 'the boys' go bird watching early in the morning (while 'the girls' make breakfast) and then all will on a game drive and come back home where 'the boys' will do a braai. (talk about gender designation!).

All I can say is would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first? Alice in Wonderland. Keep warm