Long Weekends and Lazy Days

With the past few long weekends we've had special times with family time has seemed to hover as we move into autumn.

We returned early from our long-weekend away. Not because we didn't want to spend more time with our beautiful granddaughters, but Easter weekend traffic is crazy especially today as people rush back from a relaxing weekend to prepare for more stress to work for the next weekend off. Aren't humans crazy beings?

I've been watching Elizabeths's dogs slowly trotting around the garden, sniffing under this bush, strolling through the undergrowth and then sunbathing in a warm spot until their need for water moves them to the drinking bowls dotted about the garden. However let an unsuspecting lizard or mouse stir too quickly and mayhem occurs, just like the drivers on the highway now. Our daughter and her partner together with our two eldest granddaughters joined us in the eastern Free State where we spent a delightful time chatting and getting to know these to special teenagers a little more.

The three of us have 'big' birthdays this year, 16, 18 and 75 respectively and none of us can 'believe' that we are 'so old'. All well and good for Rachel and Ashleigh, but nana really is on the wrong side of the scales! But, being a Libran, I plan to balance them for as long as I can stand upright!

The biggest surprise of the weekend was Elizabeth who turned out to be the 'cooking queen'. Her delicious breakfasts and divine salads may well have Ottolenghi asking for recipes. The man in her life cooked the most delectable braais using my ouma's sosatie recipe which tastes as good over chicken thighs as it does on lamb 'tjops'.

We visited our favourite 'Cosmos' hotspots. We explored the Groot river and had sundowners surrounded by running water, laughter and views of the Malutis. We traveled gravel roads (some of which were far better than the pitted tar roads). Drove into Clarens and pretty smartly out again (people, people, people) and went to Golden Gate where we admired the beautiful views in deep silence.

But it was the time we shared as family that made the memories. Time spent chatting to teenagers on the veranda sharing views about 'social media', online 'varsity' and Zoom teaching that had us laughing and frowning at the same time. I told stories about their great grandparents and my growing up. How I met their grandfather (they've heard that 100 times before but it's a good story to tell. To hear) and how he grew up. Which then led us on to planning another family trip. Bathurst and Willowmore be prepared!

Many things have changed in the past year, but if you treat your family like friends and your friends like family what more could you require.

There's another long weekend coming up at the end of April. Can't wait for our next 'round table' with the family.