It's May, It's May and it will be Chilly

Hello everyone, For some reason I cannot change the background of this blog page. So it remains 'in the pink/purple' range while I continue to search how to rectify this most unusual colour for me.

The Penfriends Studio Zoom sessions still work well and as I have said before, we are in such a routine of working at our desks in a virtual studio that I do believe that the creative work is consistently improving. Certainly the lettering has improved by leaps and bounds and is becoming more confident and pure. While I still demonstrate online, it is simply not the same as a 'personal' look at student work, but no doubt we will re-align to actual studio, especially in the summer.

I seem to be in a constant state of clear-up and have found some old pieces of paper which I had begun work on as I was re-cycling paper downstairs. SO I have started to re-work them. I am having such fun and feel that the time lapse has only enhanced the work as I have become confident enough to try new techniques and lettering.

Our outreach efforts are going well with teddies being completed and scarves and beanies being made by the kilometre.

On Saturday I will be visiting the Kingsmead Book Fair which is always a treat and after two years it will be a great outing. Finuala Dowling (one of my favourite South African authors) is one lecturer I will be attending. So I look forward to coffees, friendships and discussions with some great authors on what promises to be an extremely cold weekend.

While I am in no way a botanical artist I love doing quick sketches of found plant matter (seeds, blooms and so on) as well as plants that are given to me.I try to do single line work with no lifts as I draw and find the work challenging and enjoyable. Here are a few examples.

In spite of the load shedding, which has become second nature to most of us-with the the beeping of the inverters are a 'charming' high-pitched accompaniment to quiet time- I look forward to some good reading and creative moments in my consolidated studio during the next few days.

Take care all and remember, 'The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper'. W.B.Yeats