It's a Calligraphic Wrap for 2021

We normally have a fun combined get-together at the studio to celebrate another successful year so, instead of meeting we had a fun Zoom with greetings, a presentation of students' work and a great deal of laughter. Below are comments from students about their work and classes.

In 2022 I will have been teaching for 40 years (almost uninterrupted) and we plan to continue with calligraphic creativity and some exciting retreats.

Comments from the two groups about our creative year of calligraphy 2021

I can say without doubt that this has been one of our most successful years despite (or perhaps because of) the continued Zoom sessions and added stresses. I do believe that even though we are not in the studio, where teacher dems & assistance is optimum, we seem to share more easily and be (dare I say this?) even more creative. I think it is because we are in a fixed space and in an area in which we are comfortable together with the fact that we don’t need to continuously pack and unpack and can continue that ‘creative thread’ after the class has ended.

I am so grateful to you all for your support and perseverance. You know how much I value your continued participation.

As you know I put a great deal of research into the sessions and enjoy presenting the images and ideas, which I feel trigger those creative moments.

In January 2022 we continue with Zoom sessions and start the new year with discussions on how to photograph your work and how best to present it. We will look at pens, inks and paper so that we can make a group decision of what we will do with the incredible output of work that you produce.

Here’s to a wonderful and peaceful holiday time. Take care. A-MM


My calligraphy journey started when I was being guided by a senior student in the School of Philosophy, offering calligraphy as a practice in attention. Martin after 3 weeks had to transfer to Cape Town and there I was reading calligraphy books and offering that knowledge in practical sessions.!!!

I then was blessed to meet up with Mrs Bergstrom – the government calligrapher in Pretoria. She was busy emigrating to England, so I had a three short months with her, very enriching to see beautiful letters appearing on paper.

What followed was joining an on line tutor through CLAS. Through that program I really learnt the basics of formal calligraphy. I submitted work in the Foundational hand and received a distinction for the pieces submitted.

So now through many stops and starts I am with Anne Marie and loving the encouragement of freedom of movement within the regulations and also exploring the use of watercolour to enhance ones pieces. Thank you for being so encouraging and patient Anne Marie.


I have really enjoyed the past months of Calligraphy/art classes and have certainly learned how much I don't know. Although I will never be a Calligrapher it has made me look at nibs and inks with great interest.

Thank you, Anne-Marie and my classmates for the instructive and fun lessons

Hopefully, we can get together again next year.


This year for me has been rather chaotic and also emotional for me.

As you all know, we went through 5 months of renovating the inside of our home. Fortunately we were able to do this in 2 stages and also managed to evacuate for a month, staying with friends up the road.

My fur kids seem to fortunately have come through the experience unscathed 🐶😼 although my dog child Codi ended up in hospital twice with unrelated issues.

Unfortunately, it all impacted on my creative self. There was no space (and to be honest not much inclination) to draw, paint or write in amongst the rubble. Hence there are not many pieces to choose from this year. Things did improve after the upheavals ended and the end of the year has seen a bit more work done.

I am hoping for a more calm and restful 2022, as well as looking forward to some face to face calligraphy time on occasion 😉 Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.


I must admit I found this year both challenging and interesting. It’s certainly easier when the teacher is available to show me, but zooming is much easier on my back...

I did enjoy most of the assignments and felt some works were more successful than others.

I also enjoyed revising old fonts in new ways.


I have enjoyed another year of calligraphy and feel that revising the various fonts and techniques has been beneficial in that it builds confidence when doing projects! Thank you A-M for all the effort you put into our lessons to keep them interesting!


Our second year of COVID-19 lockdowns was far worse than our first. For me 2021 was a particularly exhausting and difficult year. As for many others it was the year that removed most of the joy from our lives except I still had my Thursday calligraphy class to attend. Each week we learnt about all the wonders of the great artists, the great letter form or creating our own alphabets but for me the work in Roman capitals and the colour series were the highlights. This year I learnt more about how to let go on a page than to have perfect letters. I found joy in doing things I didn't dare to dream about in earlier years. Mostly I found peace and joy with a calligraphy pen in my hand.

A great way to end the year and sincere thanks to all who contributed to 2021. As calligraphers we always say if you cry over over spilled milk, you've never spilled ink (on a white carpet). Here's to relaxed and safe festive time.