In the Deep Mid-Winter

Winter is probably my least favourite time of year. Although it often the time I am productive in my creative thinking. With our lockdown still in place it is not difficult to make an effort to be more creative, read more or simply be still and learn a new language.

We have also packed up our retreat cottage in the Free State which somehow has freed up our psyche in the strangest of ways. We are no longer responsible for staff down there, or whether the garden is neat or even how many times we need to visit it. We are now able to book holidays away in other parts of the country and not feel that we should be spending all the time at our cottage. While we had wonderful times with family and friends, and while we thank her for her hospitality and wonderful memories, it is a relief that the 'Old Edwardian Lady' is no longer our responsibility.

Now we can sit surrounded by four generations of furniture snuggled together in our town home and reminisce on our verandah drinking a glass of wine or sipping coffee.

Zoom classes have been a great success, but for me and my students. I compile a very full Powerpoint for each session ensuring that the information is accurate and stimulating and so far we've all been challenged by the content and projects. One of the highlights this year was a collaboration with my artist son John where I think we both enjoyed the exchange of ideas.

Our blanket production is going well and we have a number of them piling up which is most exciting. Our group Friends with Threads no longer meets but we try to 'stay in contact'. Well done to all for their tenacity and creative crocheting.

I do hope you keep well and safe and remember to stay warm and remember every winter has its spring.