Early Morning Skies

It's definitely getting lighter. Early mornings are not as inky black as a few weeks ago where at the darkest moments we experienced Antarctic weather - this is where I always think of those penguins battling through freezing conditions. We were never as cold in Antarctica as we are here in our winter or that matter as cold as in Ladakh gazing at the Himalayas. But I suppose we have our take out our 'cold-gear' if we really want to keep warm. Our house is built for the summer and, being an old house we don't have the modern heating facilities that people seem to have these days. Just tall ceilings, small windows and large rooms. But snuggled upstairs in our 'happy area' David and I manage to keep warm.

We were able to do a special handover to the Teddy Bear Clinic in July which was during the very cold spell, so we feel that we have indeed helped a few children this winter. We will do another handover in October which will be our contribution for the year. Well done to all who have helped us pile up contributions for 2021. Below are a few images of some blankets, outside the Teddy Bear Clinic on one of the coldest days and a 'blanket-on-the-go'.

Still busy with Zoom classes we have had to alter times and length of sessions to accommodate people who have been ill or away. So some classes have moved to evenings, but all in all everyone has continued to have some creative moments, new forgetting the treats in-between. We are working on 'Modern' illuminated letters which is often a challenge but always fun. Being in the Highveld in winter makes gilding especially challenging, so perhaps shell or Schmincke gold will have to add the glitter for the meantime.

I've started 'a new series' with my calligraphy and at the moment I am busy experimenting with paper, pens and ink. Always a pleasant way to start the day and I look forward to sharing some pieces with you in the next few weeks.

John Steinbeck said: 'What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness'. I think I have to ponder that thought while I shiver through this cold spell.

I hope you keep warm and safe. Till next time.