Blogspots and Writing

Like many people I've had much stay-at-home time over the past months and for some reason some of my Blogs have been 'unattended' for sometime. A friend of mine and I share writing time together and started our own BP to keep the writing momentum going. As I was setting up that space, to my amazement, I found some addresses to my other (rather lonely) blogs.

So if you are so inclined, please go and visit them for fun, if other else.

Addresses for interest: One blog for exchanging ideas with my friend Sam:, which is my own personal writing spot which is the original Penfriends space but which has notes focussed on creativity and calligraphy. Some of the writings are rather a lot of fun. PS: If you get directed to 'another space', please be's the internet, not me!

I am really enjoying the writing connections with Sam and another group, filled with writers from around the world which allows us freedom to write (for us in the evening) with people from Canada, the US, France and SA. What an eclectic mix. But challenging and fun as we all take turns to set the writing prompts and run the time together 8 times a month. Yes, it's a lot of writing, but that in turn moves into other personal writing which is a good way to go.

We are still making baby blankets and teddies for October and I am hoping we will reach 30 which will be a great achievement as we have re-focussed on other things and it is much more difficult to concentrate on a certain project especially if we do not meet as regularly. But blankets are being made and babies will be warmed.

As it becomes chillier keep well wrapped and take care. In autumn, the leaves drop as if they are falling in love with the soil.