Looking for Signs of Spring

It's really silly looking for Spring in July, but with Mad Hatters celebrating a special birthday early in July with drive-by coffees and cookies made by our daughter-in-law and gran's Devonshire Cream cake as a birthday treat, we could be forgiven thinking Spring is in the Air. Helen and I did go for a walk yesterday and we felt only a little chilly and a whole lot better about being 'outside' the property even though we scuttled from one side of the road with our masks on trying to 'social distance' while enjoying the fresh outdoors.

Zoom sessions are part of our daily life now and it's been a long time since i have taught so many times a week. I have a wonderful variety of students from all over the world as well as our country. Such a great way to interact with people who I may never have met or re-connected with in 'the good old days'. My classes are filled with good conversation and people who really want to become more creative. As I've mentioned before, we will be having our annual exhibition in November in a different format, but I think it will be an 'open' session where everyone will be able to view the work created by the talented students. The work below is mine, but my students have enjoyed the variety of projects and where they can continue to work at home without moving from their creative spaces.

David and I have had a wonderful time doing courses together from our home. Some of which we were able to participate in due to the power of the internet. We have done two courses with poet David Whyte where he took us on a journey - a sort of virtual pilgrimage - reciting his poetry with general discussions and questions which we thoroughly enjoyed. If you haven't read David Whyte yet, give yourself a treat and find a few poems to read. I also participated in a 10 week practical philosophy course which at first I did not enjoy, but the deeper we delved into the sessions the more I enjoyed the journey and will be doing a follow up in September - when spring should be here.

One of the special things that has happened is that a friend and I have started Soul Filled Journeys which has a FB page, so please pop in and join it and we have just completed our first 4 week session on Rumi and Journaling. We had a small pilot group who were very kind to us in their assessments and we are now compiling a other courses which we will start presenting from September. Rather exciting and challenging. Below are some images I created for the workshops for discussion in the sessions.

Even though I really haven't found Spring yet, I have re(re)-organised my work space upstairs and found some new creative suggestions for classes as I re-cleared the downstairs studio shelves. I've also found work I created several years ago and am delighted to see how my 'retrospective' shows constant change and development. Something I didn't expect. I suppose however, that as a teacher if one doesn't change perhaps paths should? I also unearthed work given to me by various overseas calligraphy lecturers all of whom contributed in no small way to South African calligraphers' expertise. How privileged to have been part of those creative journeys.

I should perhaps take to heart a quote I recently read: 'Spring shimmers with presence, never looking ahead'. So perhaps I shall remain quietly in my upstairs studio and work on my letterform and not worry about the Spring rains to come.

Take care until next time.