In the Bleak Mid-Winter

After the president’s chat to the country last night I thought it would be a good time to send a note to say hello and ask how are you doing?

We’ve been well and busy, although David still goes to the surgery fairly often his duties are cut in half. His partner Keith had COVID-19 and recovered well and now we hope that all will remain safe and healthy for the next few months. John is well isolated in his studio and we hope that David is well covered and as sterile as he can possibly be at Bara, There are children being admitted with COVID-19 and we can only hope that once the winter is over things will slowly begin to return to normal.

It’s amazing how quickly one adapts to new technology and teaching methods. My studio has moved upstairs and I am able to continue teaching more now than ever before. I have met some wonderful new people and have re-connected with long-time friends in the Zoom sessions. A friend of mine and I are running a journey with Rumi course and the research and poems have been interesting and stimulating. All very exciting.

David is being kept up to date in all things veterinary with sessions happening so often that his time and mine on Zoom is strictly monitored. We’ve also done a few courses together: philosophy and several courses with David Whyte poetry with his thoughts and philosophy on these strange times. (well worth while).

I connect almost daily with our littlest grandchildren on Zoom chatting about animals, the planets and today green lizards. So nana is kept on her toes. Dov turned four last week and we had a family Zoom birthday for him which was great fun for all.

Elizabeth turned 40 last week and instead of having a party in the garden we had a drive-by Coffee Party with a Mad Hatter theme and cupcakes in a box and coffee in a take-away mug. Mad enough for any Hatter I would think. We had runners popping by, cars hooting and our guards marched up and down the road. I think Elizabeth had a most unusual birthday. Her godmother feels that this must’ve been the most unique party she’s ever had. We were all together in the street and celebrated as best we could.

I continue to write (almost daily) to a friend and I sometimes feel that we are like the knitters around the guillotines exchanging news and views about the political situation. So far no actual heads have rolled. I’m still knitting and crocheting and am continuing my ‘daily creative piece’ (now 107 or more I think). Goodness knows what I’m going to do with these pieces, but I’m enjoying the creative splurge.

David and I have enjoyed the ‘almost retirement’ as we’ve had time to do ‘the big clear out’, look at old photographs and documents and generally re-meet in a strangely less stressful environment than normal. We spend a lot of time talking, discussing our fabulous overseas trips and much time laughing. Goodness knows we all need a little laughter.

Of course all our holiday plans have been set aside, but that makes it even more exciting planning 2021.

I received a meme a little while ago from Elizabeth: Picture 1: If you visit your mum at home you could get the virus. Picture 2: If you visit your mum at a casino or restaurant you should be ok!

Another one goes as follows: For all of you who miss your family and friends: buy a taxi, pick them up and then drive around. Taxis are permitted to have 100% occupancy and the 2 metre social distancing doesn’t apply as long as you have your masks on and the windows are open! (GO figure!).

So who’s buying the taxi? David will drive and I'll serve coffee from the back seat - or perhaps we should just meet at a casino?

Take care all and stay well and warm. Till next time, A-M