A New Way of Living

I suspect that all of us have adjusted one way or another to our new schedules and daily routines. I find my mornings are lazier than they have been for a long time due to the fact I don't have the rigid schedules that I'm familiar with. Bridge starts later than it did only due to the fact we don't have to scurry out of bed to get to the club. There is an ease of progress which is much more conducive to an easy transfer into the day. My teaching moments are similar as sessions only start at 10h00 for an hour and a half which is less stressful for all. Homework can be done while 'on-line' and if students are really thrilled by the information received they can do projects in their own time at leisure. Completed work is sent to me and we discuss work before each new session. I find this way of teaching more work but challenging and somehow more fun.

Everything is 'on Zoom' it seems. I see that Google also has 'a Zoom-ish' connection and there are many other such applications. So everything seems to be digital and I've been catapulted into a digital age which keeps me thinking all the time while filming, demonstrating and chatting. I love it. I enjoy watching students work and solve problems and love receiving work (which shows me I'm on the right track with explanations and dems). This is very gratifying and I am so grateful to everyone who participates in these sessions. Thank you all.

Our Friends with Threads group still works for outreach projects but with less interaction. We try Zoom sessions and I must say that while enjoyable often after the sessions, I feel a little more isolated than before. I try to participate in writing and philosophy webinars which are sometimes challenging but nearly always thought-provoking. David Whyte is presenting workshops on Being Aware which take the form of discussions interspersed with poetry which adds another dimension .

We were due to be in Bathurst in May, but obviously that wasn't to happen. In the meantime, we reminisce and wade through photographs of my family and David's. Our 'young days (and before) are noted and re-photographed. David is writing up his recollections on family, friends and travels. This is a long long but interesting journey. We have had such fun dusting off old photographs which allow us to re-visit our times together. Good moments are visited repeatedly. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes I cry.

I hope that you are coping with the interesting times that we a negotiating at the moment. May your unique energy inspire confidence in others and remember happiness never decreases when shared.

Take care and be kind to yourself.