The Great 5 Lap Challenge

Day Leventy One! Celebrating Mediocrity! Helen and I decided it was do some exercise (at last). After all, we have a professional trainer living with us who trains groups of people daily so why shouldn't we sneak in for a session?

So filled with enthusiasm we changed into gym clothes, gym shoes and put on determined faces. For any of you who know me well (or not) I used to be a ballet dancer, then I did yoga and long before anyone else went to the gym, I did.

HOWever, things have changed over the years!

Helen and I tiptoed onto the veranda hoping she-who-will-be-unnamed has finished her session. NO SUCH LUCK! She spots as as we (pathetically) do some stretching. Eyebrows raised she starts barking orders. Why we didn't rush back inside I have no idea, but she said rather loudly...'now, run around the garden'.

Yes, we have a rather pleasant large garden, so I looked at Helen and she said in a whisper 'go, go in case she makes us bend'. So off we shuffle down the path, around the trees, onto the tennis court and just us we are about to cut across the lawn she (you know who I mean) snarls, 'around the GARDEN, the whole GARDEN, do it again'! And like lemmings...we do!

Friday 24 April 5 Lap Challenge So it's official, A-M (that's me), will attempt to run around the garden 5 (that's five) times on Friday morning at 8h00. David Brown has offered a food parcel if I manage it. Not for me but he will donate a food parcel to the appropriate depot. Elizabeth is the monitor and adjudicator (be afraid). Helen is the official photographer and cheerleader (possibly picker-upper too).

I always thought David Brown was the nicest person, but I detect a sneaky, mischievous streak too (sorry Heather Mary Brown).

This morning just after the crack of dawn I started day whatever training session. Clad is ratty running gear, I pondered about the loneliness of the long-distance runner. However I realise that I'm too busy putting one foot in front of the other and avoiding slipping on the mossy cobbles to worry about loneliness.

Elizabeth's little pooch Karma, follows me around and she nudges me on, shooting ahead and stopping to look over her shoulder to see why this lumbering aged person is taking so long to amble down the path. She runs far further than I do in her forays into the undergrowth and back again. Karma and I usually communicate on my bed snuggled under a blanket, so this energetic activity is foreign to both of us.

My husband David has also offered to donate a food parcel. Is any one else eager to do so? You don't have to get it to me, just to your nearest pick up point.

Who know we might be able to feed the whole of Gauteng on 5 Laps around the garden!

PS: did 2 laps easily today.

The Lockdown 21 Exhibition was opened on Sunday and the auction created over R2 million for the Solidarity fund. John's work fetched a price well over the reserve and every piece on auction sold. Called a 'white glove' auction, where the auctioneer (who was quite riveting in his manner and professionalism) stated it was a first time ever for him. It was also a first Zoom auction with people from around the world participating. Proud of John for his beautiful work and participation.

I continue my creative journey and have made at least one piece per day. Saturday was a blah-blah day for me and I enjoyed lazing and reading most of the day. However Lockdown has been a real connector for me. Little has changed from my normal routine of mornings busy, afternoons reading and knitting, but without my friends and David at home a lot of the time with Elizabeth working as hard as ever. But I have started Zoom sessions with my students which have been informative and fun and will lead to some interesting creative developments and collaborations. We have calligraphers and artists from different countries and provinces and all add something special to the time together.

A friend and I write to each other daily and share thoughts on what we read or hear in the news, crochet projects which may or may not be working and our general feelings about our very historical situation that people will wonder about one after we 'aged' people have hit the happy running track. That we are now considered the 'people at risk' rather alarms me, as really, there is nothing that I am doing that puts me at risk.

Oh, I forgot...running around the garden surely does? That doesn't mean to say every time I sneeze or cough I don't feel my pulse or forehead 'just in case'. I do have three masks, one small one that covers my face tightly, one 'surgical' mask and one fancy mask made by a friend, Heather, who's making them for the people in settlements around her. Aren't people amazing and resourceful in crisis? Friends and their families are collecting clothes, blankets and food and finding ways to ferry them to the correct depots. So proud to be South African. Well done to all who are fighting to stave off this pandemic (my son and his colleagues included).

If you don't hear from me again, know that I am lying at the bottom of the garden under a pile of leaves, but hopefully after last last lap and we will have fed a number of families in the area.

Off to my next Zoom session now. Take care and remember to sing happy birthday to all your family when you wash your hands!