February: Friendship & Love

David and I had a wonderful 2 weeks in the Kruger staying 3 nights each in 4 camps: Berg-en-Dal, Letaba, Bateleur Bush camp and Talamati Bush camp. In each area we experienced sightings ranging from leopard, fighting lions, wild dog, many rhino and majestic elephants and of course plains game. The grass was 'as high as an elephant's eye' and baby elephants were only made visible by the swaying grass and matriarchs encouraging them along. We watched as babies had water trickled down their trucks when unable to reach the fresh water. We had squirrels lay waste to our sealed carry bags and water. We enjoyed the grace of leopards as they were escorted out of the water-buck domain by heavily snorting females. In fact, truly, the Kruger never disappoints.

Of course one of the joys was the 'no-connectivity' in the bush camps. Don't forget the silence of the bush as as you listen to the late evening sounds of the bush turning down for the night. We spent time with David's brother and wife in White River on our way home and connected with our niece Tiffany whom we haven't seen for many year.

Now it's time to re-focus on calligraphy classes with some new students and many long-standing ones too. I so enjoy it when past students ask to re-join a class and love the interaction between everyone as it develops during the year. The theme for 2020 is The Zen of Pen and we will be dealing with the 'presence' and beauty of being in class as we create well proportioned letters.

February is International letter writing month and I have enjoyed writing short quick notes to various people in my circle. I have made postcards out of my Perky Lady series and try to match the quote with the person I am writing to. Why don't you send some (handmade) cards to some of your family or friends?

The Friends with Threads group is well on the way to creating some colourful blankets which we will all 'have a hand in' as we share our work through the year. We only have to do 16 rows every 4 weeks and they're looking bright already. We are also 'showing the love' as we make teddies (not brown conventional ones, but bright and quirky teddies) which we will be donating to a specific child protection unit later in the year.

I have been constant in my effort to use up my yarn stash and have completed 3 'waiting-forever' pieces. A scarf, a lap blanket and a colourful throw. I am also on the home stretch with 2 other projects and while the stash seemed to be never-ending and self-producing , at last I see empty bags and boxes which is a huge relief as I put a moratorium on all yarn purchasing while I was de-stashing. I also discovered that my stash was mainly made up of tones of blue, and realised that this is my daughter Elizabeth's favourite colour. (Note to self: ask her to find another favourite). While I have no doubt The Yarn Tree's profits were not affected, I am delighted to say that I shall be looking for yarn for new project in a few weeks.

Till next time, remember to keep love in your heart as you deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life and of course, always remember to breathe.