Clear Vision for 2020

To family and friends

Here we are, well on the way to our 51st year of marriage after having had a year filled with small vignettes of happiness and joy. We travelled to various game reserves, to the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast, the Kgalagadi, back to the Kruger, down to Rose Cottage and home again. We’ve reminisced as we’ve delved through photo albums from our wedding day through decades of anniversary celebrations and are delighted by the consistent recurrence of well-known faces.

As we move into the new decade, we remember with love all the dear family and friends who are no longer with us but linger in our hearts. We’ve been privileged to be blessed with their wisdom and love and hold onto the legacy they left behind.

Our family is still in Africa and for that we are grateful. Whether they remain here is a mystery, but the challenges and expectations that are continually thrown at South Africans certainly make for an 'edgy' life. After all both the Hartleys and Moores are of 1820 Settler stock and as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of their landing we salute the fortitude and bravery of our ancestors. The Hartleys arrived on the Albury and settled in the Bathurst area and can now be found all over Southern Africa.

Our annual Christmas eve party illustrates the ‘every-day’ hiccups we face. Perhaps a little different from our ancestors but never-the-less no less of a challenge. With about 20 guests expected we had no electricity from 5am. Helen and I put plans into place and hauled out Trish’s old Weber where we managed to cook a turkey, bake a quiche and cook sausage rolls ready for the guests who arrived at 18h00. No one was too perturbed about the lack of light - which in fact almost went unnoticed as John’s girls, Rachel and Ashleigh were in charge of candles and duly had the house well lit in time for the visitors. (Anyway, for older faces candle light is rather flattering).

To my delight my studio time has expanded. I now teach three times a week and sometimes on Saturdays (by arrangement only). I am fortunate to have enthusiastic students who are keen (and challenging) and love to be part of the creative process. The Friends with Threads group continues to meet twice monthly. This small dedicated group of women contribute to various outreach programmes as required. We also challenge each other to 'use up the yarn' which I have enjoyed doing over the holiday period.

So dear readers, in 2020 ‘May your heart be kind, your mind fierce and your spirit brave.'

As ever, all good wishes.