Reflections 2019

No, this is not a complete heart-pouring out post, but simply a few reflections of 2019.

I so enjoy Johannesburg at this time of year. Less traffic, more quiet moments and many hours of creativity. It's also the time where working friends and I re-connect without deadline panics and mobile meetings. I'm able to spend more time with daughters-in-law and grandchildren as well as arrange special times with family - all too important in this crazy, rushed world in which we exist.

I 'met' a knitter/crocheter online who made a pact with herself and her 'friends' to not buy yarn for a blanket she's created. This added another aspect to my stash hoard. I have been slowly using up my yarns over the past few months. The interesting thing is that the more I use the more I seem to have. I'm not sure if the stash expands while I am asleep or if the yarn-gnomes add skeins through the night. Anyway, it seems to be a never ending story with enjoyable self-challenges through the lazy days of summer.

I love the idea of de-cluttering and apart from stash-busting, I always go through my studio cupboards and drawers at the end of year to remove any extraneous art materials to donate to schools who are short of art supplies. Sometimes of course the inks and paints are too old to use and these are ceremoniously removed. I did a lot of 'book editing' and managed to donate many to another worthy cause. I know that my desk has to be cleared for 2020 (clear vision and a new decade after all) and that rather excites me as I prepare for new calligraphy courses 'The Zen of Pen'. I have three classes in 2020. One evening and two mornings and have a few intriguing ideas to set the intention for the new decade.

Creating a series of cards has been most exciting. These have turned into Quirky Mugs. Drawing has never been a passion of mine, but working with these 'girls' has opened a new avenue of creativity. Rather like a puppet maker or writer, I find these ladies chat to me while I am creating them...'I need high heels, darling' or 'a few more flowers in the hair will do me fine'. These revelations tend to flow once the initial image is done, before the finishing touches. A few have been turned into mugs and I would enjoy your thoughts and comments about the characters. Here are just a few.

In the words of 'Mabel' above, I hope you have time to 'get your merry' on and have a wonderful, creative and fulfilled holiday season.

Until next time, stay safe and scatter kindness wherever you can.