End Of Year Already?

I cannot believe how time has rushed on since our days in the Bush. We've had numerous end of year celebrations, completing projects and learning skills for another time.

How many projects, books, creative pieces did you actually complete in 2019?

A friend of mine and I made a pact not to buy new yarn, books or art materials until we'd completed at least more than half that were hiding in the cupboards.

Books are always the easiest to complete as I am an avid (eclectic) reader and simply immerse myself in books usually in the late evenings. Having said that I also do much of my creative work and writing late evenings. So I tend to find that if I am completing projects for class to show students. I work solidly until these are done. I've discovered that I have created a number of 'fun-old-lady' drawings which appeared at the end of my pen and paint brush. I so enjoy drawing these zany characters who give me attitude if they don't like what they are wearing or doing. Truly! So as far as art materials go, I will NEVER use up all the paint as I use so little to complete a work.

My 'Yarn' projects...and I could tell a few yarns for each stash I've collected, are going down quite nicely, but not very quickly. I'm enjoying a lovely project at the moment making flowers to hand out or place in various areas to 'pretty up South Africa' and I'm really enjoying making the flowers and placing them in random spots. Started by a friend of mine Arlene, you can find more information on their FB page (hashtag) sahappyflowers. I can make about five an afternoon while reading or watching a series (if I put my mind to it). Why don't you join the fun?

We had a happy shared celebration with the Penfriends Calligraphy students where the work was assessed by 'External examiners' John Moore and Debbie Lubinsky. We enjoyed each other's work, loved the comments by John and Debbie and shared a meal and even a hand massage by Iwonka before we played come silly games. A fitting end to 2019.

John has an exhibition at InToto gallery at the Illovo Shopping centre Rudd Road and we enjoyed the opening and a walkabout with the artist to complete our 'cultural' year. His images are highly detailed and meaningful and show great insight into the artist's creativity. We always enjoy hearing John's description of his work. Most appreciated, thank you.

As ever I am deeply grateful for the support of my students, the joy of my friends and the love of my family. As the year draws to a close remember to put your merry on as I wish you merry everything and happy always.

Till next time.