Is this the last chill of Winter?

We're back home after a really good time away compounded by the fact that in the Tankwa Karoo there is no connectivity, vast vistas of beautiful scenery and...silence. Arriving back to Johannesburg was an assault to the senses but saved by the fact we were in our own home, own bed and...more silence. Yes, we do have internet but my computer has been upgraded and I have a new keyboard and mouse, so all is well in my world.

Our travelling was easy. David drives on long trips, I do the town driving which works well for us both as I tend to snooze before we've left the city surroundings. Not conducive to insightful conversations. The huge truck drivers are courteous and pull over to allow safe driving. Our first stop was Red Sands and charming stop over just outside Kuruman. Kuruman was a real surprise as it is cleaner and friendlier than we've seen it in a while. The welcome at Red Sands was warm and friendly and our supper was delicious and well served. Augrabies was next and the falls are looking full and beautiful. Our accommodation was just what we required and our bungalow was near the falls. We had a good time meandering around the perimeter and enjoying more spectacular scenery.

Our next stop was the Tankwa Karoo National Park. The stark beauty and open sky vistas simply take your breath away. There is no internet which of course allows for clear thinking and...Silence. Our accommodation was a very beautiful unit with separate bath/loo and a bedroom and sitting/dining room which have large windows overlooking the vegetation. There is not much game, but we had constant visitors outside our home: striped mouse, scrub hare, numerous birds and more silence. We did have a puncture on our first day, but we were fortunate to be near the office and Mandla came to the rescue. While the tyre changing may not have been of Grand Prix standard, I felt that under 10 minutes in the middle of nowhere was a record to beat.

We experienced beautiful fairy warm days, a few sandstorms, ice and rain. Our double-glazed bungalow and large fireplace kept us warm for our stay.

In the time we were away I was able to indulge my love for knitting and added to the fun by taking photos in unusual places. I did forget the sock pattern so I wasn't able to complete them, but I'm sure they will be ready by next winter. I am working on two CasaPinka patterns which are scarves and well written and satisfying to work out.

My husband is a professional 'hobby' photographer and has taught many people the fine intricacies of taking an image. David uses numerous camera bodies and lenses so when he is confronted by my iPhone camera there is a little challenge for him. We have a friendly rivalry to see who will get the 'best shot of the day' and I sometimes win the challenge. I love taking photographs of windmills, whether this is a memory of childhood visiting my grandparents' farms or just because I like them I don't know. Here are a few images which I hope you enjoy.

Classes start again this week and I look forward to meeting and greeting friends and continuing with projects and completing others. Hopefully spring will be here soon with the rains that August winds promise.

Till our next adventure, be kind to yourself.