Winter Break

We have had a few really chilly days this month - with heavy (much needed) rains in the Cape and snow in Southerland and other parts of the country it has been a stay at home to be warm time. The good thing is that there is time to sit and complete projects, brain-storm ideas and read all those books recommended by friends.

We've had a successful time with Friends with Threads cobbling together blankets for rangers and guards for Rex the Rhino Conservation Foundation with a happy collaboration with the fund, The Yarn Tree and our great volunteers. We had an afternoon at TYT on Mandela day where some dedicated ladies congregated to make squares for blankets. We visited Freda for her birthday where all her guests made more squares which we will sew together to send down to Kwa-Zulu Natal for distribution. Thank you all for your amazing contribution.

The Penfriends calligraphy students have been creating the most beautiful work. Working with Gothic and line, some interesting and diverse work has been made. We have a break now and I look forward to the new challenge in September and seeing how much fun we've had being 'calligrapher-ish'.

At the moment I'm working on a few knitting projects. It seems now that there are no longer CAls and KALs but MALs (Make-a-Longs) which I suppose makes sense as the project can be either knitting or crocheting (and I suppose even calligraphy-ing-now there's a thought for 2020). Casapinka is a talented knitter and designer who creates wonderful patterns to work along. I am doing her Perfect Blend MAL and loving every stitch. I'm just about keeping pace and look forward to the tea recipes as we knit along. I've also bought her Crown Wools pattern which is a funky scarf knitted in various stitches and colours. No, I'm not buying new yarn (hold that thought) but am using up bags full and hidden away. Karoo Moon, Moya, Scheepjes yarns are slowly being whittled down and I will soon be able to open cupboards without feeling anxious. I look forward to our new Tuesday Morning Moment dates so that I will have more quiet time to sit and complete pieces.

We are on the road again in a few days. Between now and the day we leave we have a busy time not forgetting the Herbert Evans sale where I shall buy some much needed pads of of good paper. David and I are going to the Strauss and Co. lecture Weaving Histories: The Blankets of Lesotho which promises to be interesting. We also have an overseas guest arriving on Wednesday (the day before we leave) and then leave early Thursday for Augrabies and the Tankwa reserve. Thankfully a friend will fetch our guest to entertain her for the day.

As a friend said to me 'I don't think I can breathe, thinking about your schedule'. However, focussing on the end goal, beautiful Augrabies and the large skies and deep silences of the Karoo I think all will be well.

As Rumi said, 'The quieter you become, the more you can hear'.

Until next time keep warm and focused.