Cheek Biting Chill

We've just celebrated the winter Solstice and while I appreciate that winter is a time for rest and recovery in nature and perhaps even ourselves, I so look forward to the warm, hot days of summer. But in the meantime we can snuggle into warmed beds or sit near flickering fires and read or enjoy our 'yarnie' projects.

The moon has been particularly round and full these past few nights. Perhaps it's the clear cold skies, perhaps it's just that I am a moon sort of person that I notice the trails it leaves through my bedroom window. Two of my grandchildren are moon-lovers too and we often discuss its journey through the month.

There's always some brightness in the bleak mid-winter. A brave rose holding on through the frosty nights, a chartreuse shoot hidden in root, aloes in the wild (and planted at a golf-course). And then there is the delight of starting yet another project using breathtaking yarns in jewel colours. At the moment socks are my passion again. I don't know what it is, but hand knitted socks give me a quiet joy and I love exploring new patterns. Of course there are scarves and shawls to make too. I have been told in no uncertain terms by our housekeeper and dear friend Helen that I must stop knitting/crocheting those things now....but the yarn is so beautiful and the patterns too intriguing.

I am so proud of the fabulous Friends with Threads group who always help in the continuous battle to assist people in need. We are working on cowls for guards and blankets for guard dogs. These amazing people and animals patrol borders and game reserves for a rhino anti-poaching unit. So we are delighted to be able to assist in some small way. Of course our child centred outreach continues.

Calligraphy still reign in the studio and together with our letter-form practice and tackle the winter months in the warmed studio with creative delight. Sometimes we do simple letterform, other times we do creative letter practice and yet other times we extend our repertoire by adding colour and design. Hopefully the join of letter form is extended into interesting completed projects.

David and I have planned another trip to the Tankwa Karoo which we visit in August. Yes it will be cold, but the accommodation is great and the area starkly beautiful. I have a feeling I will get a great deal of crocheting and knitting done on that journey and perhaps some reading too.

'What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?' Till next time, keep warm and take care.