Chilly Mornings & Snug Afternoons

We have been experiencing wonderful autumn into winter days. Crystal clear skies with warm-in-the-sun mornings and cosy afternoons helped by warm friendships, conversations and busy fingers.

Our Friends with Threads group meets twice a month to gather and make articles for people in need. Our 'gathering' has collected blankets, jerseys, beanies and scarves for child-headed households all to be distributed by the Stitch & Bitch group, just in time for the real winter chill. Thank you for doing all you can for the needs in our extended communities. We've added a 'book swap' connection to the group and once a month chat about what we've read and movies we've seen. We feel this adds another perspective to the group.

Our next project is making cowls and scarves for a rhino anti-poaching unit. These rangers often patrol at night in various parks during the winter months and we hope these will keep the chill out. We're also cobbling squares together for blankets for the tracker dogs.

The Wednesday and Thursday calligraphy groups are working well on re-looking at Foundational which remains one of my very favourite hands. Strong, legible and satisfying with the round 'Os' and complete letters. It's also versatile and very pleasing to use for quotes. Sheila Waters has wonderful examples and some beautiful quotes. There is also much opportunity to 'break rules' by extending and elongating the traditional form.

Something mulling around my mind is a stay-at-home workshop for calligraphers, where I host three 'outside' calligraphers for 3 nights. They will fit into my daily routine of creativity and classes to experience the 'calligraphers day'. I will arrange these Calli-Experiences (which will include a visit to John Moore, master-printmaker's own studio and other galleries) as practical time working with letters, paper and ink. The first Calli-experience will be arranged for August. Costs to be announced soon.

Above are my current 'yarnie' projects: cowl for anti-poaching rangers, a knitted pullover for my grandson and the 'XY' scarf using Cowgirls Blues beautiful yarn and pattern by Mijo. All very satisfying to make while watching TV (The Good Karma Hospital set in India) listening to music or an audio book or sitting and chatting to David while he drives us on another adventure.

Till next time remember that the laughter of friendship will keep you warm in the chilly days of winter - not forgetting that hot cup of chocolate too.