It's May, it's May the Glorious Month of May...

While we are not celebrating the English spring we are well into autumn and early winter.

We have just returned from a special holiday which included a quick swoop down to Rose Cottage where we managed to catch the Groot River in spate and view the glorious autumn poplars in the eastern Free State which is always a treat.

For our 50th wedding anniversary David and I were given a stay at a friend's beautiful seaside retreat which also included our family. We spent ten delightful days sharing time with our whole family. We had teenagers and grandparents (David and I) mixing with our own 'grown-up' family. The two tiniest grandies, Dov and Gila kept us entertained and busy for the days we shared. With a pool down 2 flights of stairs and the bedrooms up two flights none of us missed our visits to the gym. Our teenage granddaughters, Rachel and Ashleigh, were gems and cared for the little ones so sweetly, but earned their quiet time at night (with no TV, conversation and interaction were the order of the day). We spent mornings and afternoons on the beach which was a short walk down the road (again, no one missed the gym).

Elizabeth had us attempting early morning yoga sessions and Ivanka and John gave us massages to make sure we were all really relaxed. Once again internet time was rather limited which allowed more moments for reflection and conversation. Re-connecting as a family is essential and with our diverse and interesting children and grandchildren we managed to engage in fascinating conversations which ranged from art to medicine and, I suppose 'the meaning of life' too. Thank you to Adrienne and Alan for a generous and meaningful gift which enriched us in so many ways.

We are home for a short while, so we prepare for our usual groups and lessons. The outreach group meets on Monday and calligraphy classes start on Thursday. Once again I re-look at notes, plan creative projects and hope that the 'Round-Robin' crochet project is progressing.

I hope those of you who can vote will do so on Wednesday 8 May. Yes, I believe we can make a difference.

And yes...if you noticed the date May the fourth be with you!

Until next time, be kind to yourself and those around you.