And 2019 Marches On

While going away is special I find that coming home is comforting if a little muddled as one settles back into the life. I missed my own bed and linen, instant access to books and notes from my daughter, I did NOT miss the constant pull of the internet. Being in the wild affords quiet time on all fronts - mobiles and iPads included. There is a mechanical silence in life - think about when we have load-shedding. The house becomes uncannily still. Perhaps there even moments where one really believes one could be 'internet-free'. My husband does not have a mobile. He uses my number on all his documents and I find myself connecting to strangers who are as surprised to chat to me as I am to them. My mobile is nearly always on silent (which drives my family crazy) and I try to connect only three times a day.

But, if you are following a pattern and the dear designer writes: 'click here for a video' instead of explaining directions, when you are out of range, suddenly your pattern interpretive skills are honed. I am working on three knitting projects and one crochet one at the moment. I started the one knitting one not 3 but 4 times. David was ready to through it out the window. I was determined to work through the instructions...and I did. Although I have to say there was much gnashing and grinding of teeth and not a little pulling out. It's the new design stitches that I find challenging. Of the three projects below, the one on the left was the one that challenged most and there are only 31 stitches on the needle!

Having said that I am trying to 'de-tox' on internet time, it is really difficult as there are wonderful articles, patterns and courses that can be researched. I am doing an interesting online course at the moment which will hopefully enhance my teaching skills so I am computer bound at least until it's completed.

Of course for teaching these days, before the name of a new product, designer or ink has passed my lips students are ardently searching for (and finding) suppliers, costs and courier fees. The ordering always stresses me as, without fail I make some sort of 'correction' to the order. Thank goodness students are extremely kind to me.

I have to concede that the internet is an integral part of our lives and certainly it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and apparently it is essential for business - my daughter runs all her businesses 'online' and 'of course we have a family ' Whats App' group. But we are able to switch off and when we do, what bliss. I have been 'doing more' while listening to music or audio books, spending less time 'browsing' Pinterest, Ravelry and other sites and simply still monitoring my time on the web. We are away (in the bush again) for a week or so soon silence of the best kind. Have fun all.

Oh...What are your thoughts about 'dis-connecting'?