February Celebrations

What a wonderful start to 2019. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary early February and filled a weekend with family gatherings, joyful laughter and sincere friendship. We started the celebrations with a Shabbat dinner at David and Miriam's home with family and friends-close-as-family to give thanks for 50 years, three children, 4 grandchildren (one of whom celebrated her first birthday on our anniversary-what joy) and many friends. We had our 'eclectic friends' on Saturday at lunchtime - people who had touched our lives in many different ways through writing, calligraphy, outreach and even gym visits. Another happy celebration for us all. Our final bash was a family and close friends lunch at Ciro's where we were served a delicious lunch with more shared times with special people.

A sincere thank you to everyone who ensured we had a wonderful celebration and who so generously spoilt us in every way.

David and I then flew down to The Oyster Box which we visit often but also spent our honeymoon there. The staff were warm and welcoming and we were treated in some way everyday. We were given a voucher for two meals and shared several delightful moments enjoying the view, walking along the promenade and having quiet times in the various beautiful spots in the gardens.

But wait, there is more...

We flew back home on the Friday and completed our packing for our journey to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park in the northern Cape. David's all time favourite park, we travel there annually. We enjoy the stark dryness of the countryside which of course allows for better game viewing. We spent our first night at a quaint boutique hotel in Van Zyl's Rus where we stayed about 30 years ago. With temperatures around 39 degrees or so we were very pleased to have aircon in our room. Early the next morning we visited the meerkat colony which was both interesting and slightly disappointing. So often the presenter of the walk-about is lacking in skills. However we did have a great time walking in the bush.

We had special accommodation in the park all at our favourite bush camps: Kieliekrankie, Urikaruus and Nossob. The supervisors at the camps are old friends and we enjoy good moments with them. Our game viewing was remarkable and we saw all the feline predators as well as brown hyena and Cape fox. Of course my favourite creature (together with many other people) is leopard and we had a superb sighting our last night there. So once again the Kgalagadi gave us a wonderful time.

After nearly two weeks in the Kgalagadi we travelled homeward bound to Mokala National park near Kimberley. It is an endangered species breeding park and we opted to stay in the Tree House which is off the beaten track. It allows privacy and great game viewing at the waterhole nearby. A superbly relaxing space with all the time in the world to read, photograph and think.

Arriving home was eased by our daughter-in-law who invited us to a quick supper on the evening we arrived home. Playing with our two littlest grandchildren was a wonderful way to move into reality. Now the real world of March sets in with calligraphy classes starting on Wednesday and Thursday and Outreach re-grouping on Monday. Did I manage any creativity? Yes I certainly did. I painted a little, knitted a great deal (easier in a car waiting for the photographer to catch the shot) and read all my downloaded books (which nearly sent me into a tizz as connectivity is limited 'out there'). But I managed to download in a few spots so sanity was saved.

Having little or no connectivity became a blessing and will be something I will discuss in a later post.

In the meantime be grateful for what you have.

Till next time, take care.