2019 - Excitement & Hope

I gave up making new year's resolutions years ago. I did think that I should 'add something new to do', but I think that idea creeps in through the year. So now, in the first week of the year I re-assess my studio. Update my teaching notes (although honestly I do that between the last days of class and now). I find if I write notes, re-look at them, leave them and then return to them I get a more balanced outline and review of what I plan to present.

With 'de-cluttering' being 'the' word of the moment, I have de-stashed my yarn, cleared my studio shelves of unusable paper, inks, crayons and given my numerous pens, penholders, brushes and pencils 'the beady eye'. I am sure they all stood a little firmer in the penholders and rattled when I moved elsewhere. Little do they know that I haven't completed the clear out yet.

I've also been going through my mother's old recipes and cookbooks and delighted in what is now called the 'Retro Cooking' we enjoyed then. Remember grilled grapefruit, Beef Wellington served with delicious roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, lots of boozy gravy and Pecan meringue at a dinner party? I remember after a choir evening we took our boys to a new 'nouvelle cuisine' restaurant as a treat. After the seven course minuscule tasting meal we had to make an emergency stop at MacDonalds to feed the troops.

We have an exciting year ahead. David and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and after having celebrated David's 50 years in practice at the same Veterinary Hospital we are both rather bewildered as to how the time has flown. Never-the-less we are planning a few celebrations with family and friends with a time away afterwards where we will relax and enjoy the moment.

Penfriends Studio is 34 years old this year. Yes I will still continue to teach when we are here. The theme is Something Old, Something New - and that refers to the work, not the number of years most students have been attending class. We will incorporate 'New calligraphy' and practice the Old Hands too. But whatever hand or flourish we use, a lot of creativity will be incorporated.

Friends with Threads will be making 50 toys, blankets, tops and beanies for little ones. So if you feel like adding to the pile of goodies which will be handed out in May and again at the end of October, please contact me or go onto our FB page Friends with Threads or Golden Years where you will find patterns for just about anything required. We meet on various Mondays during the year (see the Outreach page on the website for dates).

I also discovered a new and fun way to incorporate my various hobbies-knitting, writing and creating, but more about that next time. I've still got a few drawers to tidy.

Until then, remember your success and happiness lies within you.