It's THAT Time of Year Again

In the frenetic preparation days before the holidays (be they Christmas, Channukah or simply planning time away), there is, even in the heat of Africa, a sense of wonder and stillness. I don't rise and shine at 05h00 but do take time to catch up on movies I've missed, books I want to read and projects undone. I also enjoy discovering new ideas to excite my students to even greater creativity in both letter form and project. I have time to sit in the sunroom and view the garden with grandchildren and friends and talk about the past year and future projects

I have many different interests with reading, writing, music and knitting possibly my real passions. I have discovered various ways to incorporate these seemingly diverse aspects. Music is obvious as that can play whenever you are alone. At the end of every year The Healthy Knitter, Christina Campbell organises a Peace Project in which knitters around the world participate. Pop into her website for 'peaceful inspiration'.

I also read a great deal and earlier in the year came upon the website and The History of Trees CAL and read-along from another Christina which can be found on We read the book Barkskins by Annie Proulx which highlights deforestation. Not an easy read, but fascinating nonetheless. Just by 'happenstance' through Christina Campbell I discovered a 'letter writing' group. People who write postcards and make small swatches of knitted pieces which they swap with each other. Knitsonik, Stranded Colourwork Playbook by Felicity Ford is inspirational and filled with ideas and projects and is 'downloadable'. Look at her Ravelry group if you feel you'd like to have a postcard pen-pal for handwritten or knitted cards. Please go to Christina Campbell's blogpost for more inspiration. Can you just imagine a year filled with all your favourite pastimes? Have that magic feeling happening.

Talk about 'that magic feeling' another huge thank you to every one of you who contributed to the outreach teddies, beanies, baby tops, blankets and any other generous gifts we've been able to hand out in 2018. We look forward to even greater gift-giving in 2019. My husband David and I celebrate our golden wedding anniversary in 2019 and I hope to have a pile of 50 blankets, toys, tops and beanies to hand out in May and again in November. If you are interested in participating please visit our FB Friends with Threads page or Golden Years Toys where you will find patterns and inspiration.

Talking about magic, one of my younger friends and her son made us some magic wands and the girls and I had some great moments throwing magic spells around. The best magic I could come up with was Sim-sala-bim, which apparently is not strong 'wizardry' at all. Luckily we were merely practicing.

May the magic of the season never end.

Warm wishes until next time.