On the Road Again...

We are extremely excited to be going on a road trip soon. David and I will be meandering through the Karoo and will be visiting 6 National parks in the process. We will also be popping into see friends and family and of course we will be exploring some of the quaint and unusual spots along the way. This will take us to the end of August which will ensure we are well into Spring.

John has been busy with exhibitions and work and held a very successful Studio Open Day. I think he will be holding these on a regular basis which is something to look forward to. His new 'Jewel' series images are a change from his normal large works and can be seen at Victoria Yards at the Afropolitan Gallery in Bertrams, a really lovely new 'arts' venue. His work will be on display there the whole of August.

Our Friends with Threads outreach group continues to meet twice a month on a Monday afternoon. We have a great deal of fun and are the ultimate 'knitter-natterers'. We have slowed our production down for the time being and will choose another great theme and handover in 2019. Next get-together 3 September.

Penfriends Studio has been tackling brush lettering. It has been a real challenge but the rhythm has started falling into place and I'm sure after at least another 4 weeks of practice, the letters will start forming with grace and ease. Next class: 6 September.

As always I feel the need to pack more 'creative things to do' while away, so I've packed the clothes, but have set out the 'creative things' to assess and make sure that I take 'all that I may need' and leave the things I don't really need at home. Whatever happens, unlike overpacking clothes, I usually over-pack the creative things. I look forward to sitting in the car listening to music, reading, chatting to David or simply relaxing with art work. Good 'me' creative time.

As Dr Seuss says: 'The more you read, the more things you'll know, the more you learn, the more places you go'.

Be kind to yourself and each other, till next time.