Off to Knysna & Family Bush Time

The autumn chill has certainly not abated neither have our rains. But in the meantime we are busy planning another trip or two and most importantly our annual family trip to somewhere lovely where we re-bond, re-new and re-vitilize our family connections.

Our Friends with Threads group, together with Arlene Snoek's hard-working ladies we managed to make the 40 shawls for ladies in need in Benoni. We also reached our target for Helen and made 5 pink blankets plus 2 more. That overwhelmed Helen as she thought the blankets were for another outreach. Helen will be taking the blankets to the oncology department at the Helen Joseph hospital. So proud of her thoughtfulness. Happy 50th Birthday to you Helen.

Penfriends calligraphy studio has been busy with evening and morning classes. The evening groups have been particularly creative and interesting for me as I see a new 'generation' of calligraphers emerging. VERY exciting and challenging. The Thursday morning group continues to brave unusual techniques and surmount the challenges of new letterforms and projects. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and continued support.

I fly down to Knysna for a friend's 70th birthday and in that time visit a lot of friends and family who've moved to the beautiful Knysna area. I will be staying with old friends, meeting friends for coffee and of course celebrating the 70th birthday with my long-time friend Linda, her daughters Karin (who is a goddaughter), Tessa and John (Linda's husband). I fly home on Friday where I hope the family will have done the necessary shopping for our Mapungubwe family trip which begins at the crack of dawn on Sunday. The whole family will be joining us and we all look forward to exploring the beautiful bush areas, sharing braais and stories around the fires.

I decided all I needed was a carry-on for Knysna and will include one 'crochet project' a few pens and many books on the Kindle - oh yes and a dress or two. On the other hand my 'creative' bag for Mapungubwe will have coloured pens for all to enjoy, at least 4 'yarn' projects for the trip and quiet times (did I hear you laugh) and of course Kindle books. I have also taken to audio books which are a break from watching series while I knit or crochet. I am so enjoying 'The Healthy Knitter' KAL. I love the thought behind the project (getting crafters to move) and the beautiful patten created.

Take care of yourself till next time and remember, one step at a time is good walking.