Autumn Chill

Autumn has definitely slipped her chilly fingers into the days. This year, we have one less pile of leaves to sweep with our big pinoak no longer shedding. But we have the landscaper back and his men are working to re-situate shade plants from the now sunny spots in our no-longer-shady garden. We have a lovely time of rest and growth to look forward to in our newly renovated space. We have planned a rose garden and will celebrate the tree with star jasmine which will fill the evening air with a sweet aroma together with old fashioned roses.

My mother loved this time of year. She looked forward to the short days and long nights of winter which allowed her more reading and knitting time. Of course bridge time never stopped even if the 'bridge girls' had to drive home at dusk. She always re-designed her border and had us all splitting plants to replace in the bare areas. While I am usually a 'toe-gardener' I recall her enthusiastic delving into loamy soil and her delight when spring finally arrived as she sat and admired her handy work sipping a G'nT on the veranda.

David and I whipped down to the Free State to celebrate his birthday. We had a 'frantic' 48 hours to simply soak up the quiet of the eastern Free State and enjoy the full rivers and dams. And the cosmos - the relics from the British animal fodder from Mexico - bloomed in bright sporadic patches.

Our family has the privilege of 'cross-over' celebrations where our Jewish son and his family celebrate Passover and we celebrate Easter over the same time. This makes me more aware of the similarities of our paths and while our thoughts may be different at this time of year, the one holiday simply glides into the other. Without Pesach there would be no Easter. But family time is the same and so on Easter morning we had Kiddish with our one family and Easter lunch with our other family and friends. A privilege indeed.

By chance I found a website This creative crafter challenges her followers at various times of the year to try something a little different. In November 2017 she created a Peace shawl. Everyone was encouraged to participate in a Knit-along for a month. This April we are creating a narrow scarf which can be popped into a handbag and used for travel or 'that chilly autumn walk'. She has set out a weekly calendar so that participants can record their daily activities. Not only am I doing the scarf, but I also aim to compIete a few WIPs as I go along. I am having such fun - there's still time to join us.

I've taken to chronicling my daily advances with both calligraphy projects and knitting/crocheting. I've always used a creative notebook and encourage my students to do the same. However I've only ever just typed out my handwork Works In Progress. Somehow using coloured fineliners and pencils makes everything more alluring. Whether I spend more time scribbling rather than knitting is a moot point, but as long as things get done, well does it really matter. By the way, I have EVENtually completed BOTH socks in my original pair. I have discovered that I love handmade socks so have started another (smaller) pair as I have ridiculously small feet. Progress? Good. All you have to do is follow the pattern. Really. That's all!

Enjoy the chill evenings and remember at this time of year you can smell autumn dancing in the breeze.

Till next time, take care. and wrap up warmly.