Waiting for the Garden

Just before we left for 'The Great Kgalagadi Trek' one of the three large and old pinoaks in our very shaded garden collapsed in a spectacular two way split. Having been in the same space for nearly 40 years it the open space it left takes come getting used to. I was hugely relieved that we were to be be away for the removal of the stately old lady which took over 2 weeks.

We now look forward to a brand new sun-filled garden with open windows to the sky and beautiful moon-glow moments. I will keep you updated as to progress.

Our trip to the Kgalagadi was filled with the abundance of nature. Much rain fell almost making the rivers flow. Herds of wildebeest and springbok enjoyed the flourish of grass and plants. Seven different cheetah in one day was only one of the highlights. We enjoyed the well-built and pleasant new and updated accommodation and even shared part of our space with a Cape cobra which holed up in a tree. This necessitated me placing towels along the door spaces just like I remember my grandmother telling us she did in Zeerust over 100 years ago. (She wasn't called Mrs Hercs for nothing). Yes we've booked for 2019 already and with a few extra surprises I'm sure we will have another special adventure.

Our outreach group has expanded and this year we are making shawls, scarves and small blankets for babies as well as the elderly. We have revived our share-share Round Robin where some of us work on each other's blankets to be revealed at the end of the year. Quite a challenge - but always a delight in the end.

The calligraphy part of the studio is extremely busy with a new Wednesday evening class which has been a great success. So much so that there will be another beginner's class in May this year.

The ever faithful Thursday group is working on another creative book during the year. We so enjoy the creativity, interaction and learning together and as always I am delighted by the progress and ideas.

Easter and Peach are at the end of the month. We look forward to wonderful family time and shared celebrations with overseas friends, family and 'at-home' friends over that special time.

Take care of yourselves till then remember that the best time to celebrate is whenever you can.