Packing Again...

The studio is bursting with energy again. From calligraphy to outreach and Peace projects, we are busy planning, writing, crocheting and planning a little more.

The calligraphy theme for the year is Coffee and Tea - well that is a huge part of our 'social time' in the studio. Basically we will be creating a 'Coffee Table Book' filled with creative ideas. By the end of the year each student will have a book filled with projects, ideas and quotations. Something to give away or proudly place on a coffee table. Lots of hard work and many hours of practice and planning will be needed, but so worth while in the end.

Our outreach group, Friends with Threads, is forging ahead with wonderful open hearts and great ideas. Apart from a few Easter chicks and bunnies to be filled with chocolate eggs for a creche, we are making pink blankets and head coverings for cancer patients for my friend and housekeeper to hand over to a breast cancer unit in Johannesburg. Helen turns 50 this year and her party theme is pink. She has no idea we are working to make these articles to add to what she is doing. Our deadline is mid-May but we already have 4 blankets and about 10 head coverings.

After that project it is all fingers go to make shawls and lap rugs for the older communities who are often forgotten.

David and I are off to the Kgalagadi again in February. We may melt in the extreme temperatures, but the game viewing will be exceptional as is the accommodation, so it really is worth the effort and distance. As always I have this huge dilemma as to what art and craft work to pack. I've a small container which holds pens, paper and a superb drawing pen - so that decision is easy and very portable. Books are simple too these days - Kindle/iPad load up many, many books with just the press of a button and an electricity point needed, I'm set with enough reading matter to keep me going to at least the end of the trip. The not so easy decision is what yarn and patterns to take with me - do I take small pieces to work on (remembering it's extremely hot), do I take knitting or crocheting? One bag or two? Will it be too hot to embroider? Or will I simply pack the whole caboodle? What lovely decisions to make.

David will be in his element with a new brace for his cameras and animals to photograph. I always pretend I don't care if I don't see predators, but I experience such thrill when we are in the company of the elusive leopard. Of course I love eland and other small antelope but most of all David and I will be able to discuss, chat and reminisce together for a few weeks as we celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary.

Wherever you go a part of you somehow and this is what we love to do.

Until next time, take care.