Cheers 2017

As always at the end of the year, we seem to race through the last few weeks at an alarming rate. I can safely say that my holiday gifts are wrapped and sitting near our untraditional tree (a dried aloe 'frond') and the only thing left to do is cook our special meal. Asking our granddaughters what they would like as the celebration meal they requested all the food they enjoy on a Sunday - but they added turkey and gammon as the 'treat' food. We have decided to opt for the 24th December lunchtime for our feast as we've our little grandson to consider, so we hope to have an enjoyable family festive time.

From the photographs below you can see that a great deal of 'celebrating' has been taking place. These are only a few 'gratitude' times we've enjoyed in the past few weeks.

Our son John had an exhibition of his work at The Cradle Boutique Hotel where his art was beautifully displayed. Should you have the time, do drive out the the hotel and browse his pieces which are on permanent exhibition and stay to enjoy a meal.

It is strange to have the studio silent. I've done a lot of 'tidying and throwing out' and having cleared all the yarn pockets lying around I am able to call the space Penfriends Calligraphy studio once again. I may even re-configure the work space but will need to consider the sort of energy that the students enjoy. I'm also working on the 2018 course where I will include creativity with new work and of course beautiful letters.

I am also planning a few surprises for the Thursday morning group so have to experiment and create work in time for the first session in January. Fortunately there is lots of spare time in the next few weeks.

The Friends with Threads group plans to make five pink blankets for Helen who is always so good to all of us making tea and coffee, baking cakes and cleaning up after us. It is Helen's 50th birthday and we will make blankets for her outreach of choice - breast cancer awareness. These blankets will be handed to patients at the oncology department of the hospital she visits. She doesn't know anything about our plans and I look forward to May when we hand over our contributions for the event.

I've had a wonderful 2017 with much travel, creativity and a whole lot of coffees with special people.

I wish you a holiday season filled with many family and friend filled moments with which to build beautiful memories.

Happy always and merry everything. Till next time.