The End of a Good 2017

Rather a lot of socializing, greetings and endings have been happening over the past few weeks. Nothing dramatic - but a winding down to let people re-group, re-vitalize and have a break from what may or may not have become routine.

This year I suggested that we do 'bring and share' lunches to my home rather than go out to restaurants where the staff are often overworked and the food over-priced. I also feel that bringing and sharing is a fitting ending to our social awareness group and camaraderie within the calligraphy group. Anyway the view of our garden is way better than sitting in a crowded restaurant and the food is often tastier.

Although I still avidly support the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day outreach, I am not as actively involved as I used to be. We go away a great deal and I have other projects that I am busy with. However I do support the initiative throughout the year and try to go to at least one or two 'social' functions a year. I was fortunate to be given tickets to the new show at The Theatre on the Square presented by the group Black Yoghurt. Three young men who love to sing and who performed with great gusto and enthusiasm. We had front row seats and I kept telling my friend Paddy, 'don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact'. Their songs and rhythm was so enticing I nearly jumped onto the stage to join them in the last number 'It's Raining Men'. WHAT a delightful surprise.

I did manage to 'be given yarn' and 'volunteered' to make another grey blanket which I need to complete by 16 December, but the least said about that the better. All I can say is 'here's hoping' Jaco!

John has a wonderful exhibition of older work at the Cradle Boutique Hotel Gallery. The proceeds of the work sold will for the ADET school to enable children to learn maths, English and reading. A wonderful outreach. The gallery is situated near the Magaliesburg mountains and the Cradle of Mankind with wide open spaces and ever-lasting vistas. As one newspaper article stated about John's work: Moore’s exceptionally detailed and realistic works are depictions of wildlife and the poignant plight of endangered species and his style contains elements of surrealism and traditional naturalism which merge into thoughtful reflections of our age. In his most recent works, the emphasis has shifted to the myths and legends of the San, the people he believes to be ‘the original people’ whose inspirational philosophy and understanding of the environment allows us an appreciation and mutual respect for all things. Visit John's website to view more of his work:

We're ending the year with a Peace project. The brainchild of Christina Campbell (The Healthy Knitter) this is the third year that she has motivated it. She has a knitted pattern which she releases on 1 December and writes through until 21 December about what peace means to her. We have a small group of women (about 8 of us) who will meet every Tuesday until just before Christmas who will sit in the garden and discuss what peace means to each one of us. As Christina says 'Peace starts here, with you, with me, with all of us, one stitch at a time...'

If you would like to participate visit

Have a wonderful build up to the Festive Season...of course, just one stitch at a time.