Back Home & Loving it

With the Holiday season looming my heart beats almost as fast as it did when we were zooming around corners as we flew down passes in Madagascar. Even though I don't give many gifts (the grandchildren being the priority here) I feel that if I haven't bought those that I do give by my birthday in October I'm in big trouble. This year I was determined to create 'handmade' gifts: socks for David, a throw for Elizabeth and small gifts plus a book for the grandchildren I have managed one sock for David, half a throw for Elizabeth and pretty well nothing for the grandchildren. (I'm thinking 2 books each will be good). While none of the below are mine, I have just added my friend Mouneen's colourful work because she ALWAYS completes projects and the colours make me smile. (Perhaps a little inspiration too?).

In the calligraphy studio the ladies are working hard to complete their project books for the end of year mini-exhibition. There is always an 'exam' which they grumble about and do anyway. I 'set' one because the teacher in me can't help it and it is also a good way for the students to see if they've remembered anything at all through the year. This is the time that I panic a little because I hope that I have imparted enough enthusiasm and ideas for the ladies to still be stimulated and excited about their chosen hobby, calligraphy. Fortunately (and as always) their work is creative and has broadened their knowledge and expertise. I always ask a few 'outsiders' to view the mini-exhibition we have on the last day to encourage the students and admire the work done.

As we slow down for the year I tend to re-look at my notes, write and complete art projects that have been hovering for months - no don't think about knitting and crocheting. Although I do love to 'catch-up' on my viewing while I crochet or knit away. I've been watching the harrowing Handmaid's Tale which is brilliant but, well harrowing. I've always enjoyed Outlander (sort of science-fiction/historical viewing) and have joined a group which has beautiful patterns (both knitting and crocheting) named after the characters in the books/series. To lighten things up I watch Doc Martin who is so off the wall and quirky he makes my family seem normal. I'm also making pram blankets for friend's grandchildren in 2018 - 3 new baby's to consider - so I feel that David may only still have one sock into the new year.

We've planned a number of end of year get-togethers in the next few weeks. One for our Friends with Friends group, one for our Bridge group and one of course for the Thursday calligraphy group.

Madagascar is still very much on our minds. What an amazing trip it was and it is good to be home. But you know what 'they' say 'Remember to turn your life into a Festival'.

Take care until next time.