Birthday Treats and Holiday Thoughts

A weekend or so ago I was asked by Chanel to assist at the launch of their new fragrance Gabrielle. I was to sit at the stand and do calligraphy on envelopes and cards for any customer who bought the fragrance. BUT I too had to be 'Chanel led' before I was allowed to sit down at the desk. This meant that one of the delightful makeup artists 'made my face like a film star'.

I haven't had so much fun for a very long time and neither have I had so much makeup on my face, ever. However the assistants had fun and I felt 'glam' every day I was there.

It's been a delightful 'happy birthday celebration' time over the past few weeks. My granddaughters and I share birthday months, September and October, together with many of our friends and family. We love to celebrate. Like so many of us, I love having my family around me as well as my friends. While this was not a BIG birthday, I do believe that trite saying: 'The more birthdays you have, the longer you live' and live I shall till something dictates otherwise.

And of course, what's a birthday without friends? I've had an Indian wedding sort of birthday with a tea on one day, a stroll around the garden on another and family treats for weeks.

Our outreach group, Friends with Threads, had a delightful morning visiting the Brown's home rather a long way away. We did a 'stop the rain for a few hours' dance which held off the rain for just the right amount of time, we need it I know. Our lovely ladies had fun, demonstrated crochet, taught crochet and the visitors enjoyed a scrumptious tea. We feel we should do a repeat sooner than later. All proceeds were donated to JAM, Joint Aid Management, which supplies one healthy meal a day to preschool children. Thank you all for your openhearted support.

Our adventure to Madagascar is nearly here. We have our tickets, passports, visas and I nearly have my bags packed: new books, thanks to few friends who supplied me with some solid reading matter, a small crochet project, watercolor paper, paints and a calligraphy pen. Cameras too of course, oh yes and sunblock. People have asked why Madagascar? Well why on earth not? The animals intrigue and there is a wealth of history waiting to be delved into.

Remember 'if your think travel is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal'.

Till next time, keep well and safe.

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