Summer is Here

The studio has never been more active even though we've had much coughing, snorting and sneezing due to the new growth on the trees and flowers in the gardens. I can't believe that our garden still looks 'proper' with green grass areas, clivia blooming and violets peeping in the flower beds. I love the surprises one encounters when walking through the garden after winter.

Not all from my garden, but these blooms are simply edible in their beauty.

Students are working on completing pages for their 'portfolios' and once again I am delighted with their creativity and progress. I can also heave a sigh of relief as we can see progress and creativity through the year. We will have a mini 'show and tell' in November where I have invited various guests who will comment on work and progress. Of course we always have an exam which sets everyone in a tizz - but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

I have rediscovered my Pelikan nib set and simply love the crisp letters and beautiful clean edges.

We had a delightful visitor from The Netherlands - Atty - who is a crochet 'off' and who was brought here by the Be Inspired team. We always have such fun together, especially when we have an 'after workshop dinner'. We love hearing about other teachers and of course the divine Scheepjes yarn which we really enjoy working with. Thank you ladies from the Yarn Tree for your hospitality.

Mouneen has been challenging me to complete my WIPs and I am progressing (very) slowly. I have (honestly) NOT started another project and won't do so until I have completed at least 3 lying in wait! (No I haven't crossed my fingers).

I've been browsing through old photos and found these delightful images. Just love the attitude of the faces. Rocky is the latest addition to the family and is the girls' pride and joy. Gramps thinks he's cute and the girls were heard to say that Rocky is so lucky to have his own personal doctor. Lucky boy!

David and I go down to the Free State this weekend and I love working on projects in the car as the landscapes change from Gauteng to Free State. I am hoping that there has been some rain to keep the farmers happy. It's really dry 'out there'.

Just a thought: 'Wherever you go becomes a part of you'. Wishing you good times until next time.