Home again

It's a special treat going away to the sea and when the whole family is able to join us, that makes it the best holiday ever - but then I always say that after time away from home. The best thing about coming home is that you 'know' the place so well. Where the light switches are, how the stove works, what the WiFi code is (better still you don't even have to remember it, it simply connects) and best of all you sleep in that familiar bed with your own bedding, pillows, comforter and special books a hand away. Bliss.

But back to the holiday. Our granddaughters fell onto the beach with delight and seemed to turn into mermaids as they plunged into the ocean. They climbed rocks, learned to body surf, boogie board and simply had a wonderful beach holiday. Our little grandson joined us too and became quite the beach boy. Once he'd tasted the sand and discovered that it wasn't as good as avocado, he squished it between his podgy fingers and decided that beach pools and cousins were really rather good to be around. The sunrises and sunsets were painterly and our times together reminded us why we enjoy being in each other's company. Rather like being home from home - we all 'know' each other's quirks and foibles and this is so comfortable.

As to all the projects I was thinking of completing...well I hope you can hear me laughing. Between all the meal sharing, going to the beach, playing with grandchildren and generally having a huge amount of fun, there was no time at all to sit quietly in a corner. However, don't despair I was able to make some sort of progress while traveling from point to point. I finished one sock and managed to cast on the other. Knitting socks may seem pointless, but I am filled with satisfaction that I have actually conquered the pattern and am well on the way to being a 'sock-a-holic'. I also managed to move further on with both blankets I am making. The mitered corner one made using Noro is nearly a knee rug and the crocheted blanket will be big enough soon.

We start calligraphy classes again on Thursday and I will present the students with some images taken on the beach to use as inspiration for a creative piece. We've done this exercise before, but with new skills and techniques I am sure there will be some interesting concepts.

I am starting a new 4 week calligraphy course for mothers/grandmothers and children/grandchildren on a Wednesday afternoon in September. This will be one and a half hours a day with the explicit idea of bonding and sharing in a creative space.

The next few weeks will be a delight as I have a few courses that I will be attending. Atty is a crochet master from the Netherlands and uses the exquisite Scheepjes yarn which we all love and can get from The Yarn Tree in Johannesburg and Be Inspired in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The colors are beautiful and the yarn textured and exciting to use. The day AFTER the course a friend and I trek to Pretoria to do (you've guessed it) a sock making course with a special teacher Marita who has the most beautiful knitting patterns and ideas. So it will be a busy few days.

Until next time, take care and remember sunsets are a reminder that even endings can be beautiful too.