Beanies, Blankets and a Whole lot of Fun

I've had such fun over the past few days updating images and notes on the Penfriends' website.

I think that those of you who do read this blog and view the site from time to time will enjoy the new images and browsing through the many varied ideas. Please let me know what you think.

Friends with Threads, our outreach group, are knitting scarves at the moment as well as shawls for the elderly. While I mention the 'elderly' I remember my mother reading in bed always with an exquisite gossamer shawl around her shoulders 'just to keep out the drafts'. Now, following her footsteps very rapidly, I find myself wrapping a covering around my neck as I sit and read in the evenings. I am most comforted that I am able to create my own lovely scarves and shawls and have the added whimsy that my mother is nearby, wrapping her warm arms around me too. In the chill of winter all very necessary.

New projects: Well I shouldn't really discuss 'new projects' but a young friend of mine and I are in the planning process of starting a new creative project (or two or three). While things haven't been quite been put in order, think books. Then imagine creative knitting books, information books, 'coffee table' books. In fact a whole treasure trove of interesting, intriguing books on a number of fascinating happenings in and around Johannesburg. She is away at the moment. I am mulling at the moment. All very exciting for us even if nothing more happens than a few good rounds of coffee, tea infusions and visits to historical sites around our vibrant city.

We are past the middle of winter which is always a great relief to me. I love the 32 degree type weather. Our home here is not built for cold Johannesburg mornings and evenings so I always rejoice that the winter solstice is celebrated. That said, I am so enjoying reading under the duvet wrapped warmly. I have discovered a number of free and nearly free book websites which allow many downloads and therefor many hours of long contented book adventures. This is also an ideal time for completing (cough) or continuing knitted or crocheted projects. My friend Mouneen and I try to meet at least once a week to cheer each other on to at least complete one project before taking on another few. She is MUCH better at that than I am.

I hope you are keeping warm. Next time I will show progress on some of my projects (with Mouneen's help).

Until then take care and be kind.