Bali Ha'i & Nights in Hong Kong

Autumn is very much upon us and has forced me to add black stockings and warmer scarves to my summer wardrobe. We are fortunate that while the evenings give us a chill, the days in Johannesburg allow us to simmer a little warmer especially if we are outside in the garden.

Our Friends with Threads group has been working hard to complete scarves, beanies and blankets for people in need and we've had some really good handovers in the past few weeks. Thank you everyone for your (continued) hard work and dedication.

Penfriends calligraphy students have been working hard with the 2017 project - Pen and Ink Trails - assessing and taking ideas from master calligraphers such as Massimo Pollemo and Denise Lach. The creative work is inspirational and I delight in the results that 'non-professional' calligraphers produce.

I will be away for a while in the next few weeks and am deliberating, as I always do, on what to pack and which 'creative' book to take and which crochet project I should squeeze into my backpack. Such decisions seem silly, when often there is no time to do anything but absorb the atmosphere and participate in sensational cultural events, not forgetting the sampling of unusual cuisine.

Where are we going? Bali and Hong Kong (as you might have gathered by the title). When I first watched South Pacific, the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic released in 1949, I was fascinated by the almost haunting song to entice someone to visit it. Well, at the moment Apparently it is a most enchanted destination where 'your own special hopes and dreams bloom on the hillside and shine in the streams'. We've booked a 'romantic' tour which includes visits to temples and a stop at the side of lake Bratan where we have the opportunity to walk through a flower and fruit market. Perhaps the island will entice us to stay longer, but then Hong Kong calls and I'm sure the hustle and bustle will bring us back to earth as I go in search of 'large fat brushes' to use in sweeping calligraphic flourishes. Back to packing: perhaps simple is best and the emptier the suitcase the better?

Take care and I look forward to showing you some of the beautiful scenery of the island 'where the sky meets the sea'.