Home Again, Home Again...

The Chobe River is over-flowing. So much so that our cruising was almost non-existent, and the water kept rising. I had visions of a Noah's Ark count of animals and wondered whether we would run out of food. While we had rain at night only, the captain Martin, assured us that the water was coming from Angola and the DRC and we shouldn't concern ourselves. So we didn't. The 'Chobe sunset' is well known and emerges in golden glory every evening reminding us all that there the world is perfect for a moment in time.

Our friends John and Linda were as mesmerised as we were and we shared some wonderful memories for the time when we are confined to rocking chairs and special reminisces. We all love boat travel and the wonderful times were just what we enjoyed. David had his cameras. Linda and John the birds and I cruised along being soothed by the water and my books.

The Monday after we returned was Crazy Hat Day for our outreach group. What fun we had, with Rachel and Ashleigh being the judges for the most special, the silliest and the most co-ordinated hats. All in fun, we shared a scrumptious tea organised by Helen and we were set for the Easter weekend.

We went to Rose Cottage for the weekend with family and friends. We are privileged to share some good quiet time there even though stray dogs visited and friends from Johannesburg popped in for supper (and almost) stayed for breakfast - which is fun and something special too. Elizabeth did Yoga in the Yard with the girls early each morning which was loved by those who participated and enjoyed by those who watched. David cooked delicious braais featuring my ouma's delectable truly finger-licking sosatie lamb chops, together with sweet potatoes thrown into the coals with a few corn cobs to add colour. Another family tradition.

We found time to picnic at the river, visit strange cafes to meet rabbits, geese and steenbokkies and also managed to spend a great deal of time reading and chatting. Such a good place to regroup and re-charge.

As far as Penfriends Calligraphy studio is concerned our theme for 2017, Pen and Ink Trails has been a fascinating journey discovering new concepts in design and letter form. This coming few weeks (where the students have insisted on having a class on a Tuesday to make up for lost creative time), we will be looking at the creative concepts of Denise Lach. This will be a journey of new mark-making added to familiar calligraphic letterform. I look forward to the challenge of using various fine nibs as well as large, bulky tools on fine water colour paper.

We are home for a while and I will be working on completing my small calligraphic book which follows the exercises the students are doing. I will also continue my knitting and crocheting projects which have fallen off the edge for some time. Luckily friends Mouneen and Paddy keep me focussed as best they can.

As Lewis Carroll said, 'I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed since then. Hopefully I will find myself later this week when all settles into routine again.

Keep well and creative until next time. A-MM