2017 - on the Go

The lazy days of a summer holiday, coffee with friends and lovely long mornings have ended and we are already three weeks into 2017. There's a new president in the USA, Britain is exiting and here in South Africa we are concerned about fires in the Cape and lack of water throughout the country even though we've had good rains in parts of the country.

In my small corner our garden enjoys the wonderful rains we've been having (it's raining as I write) and with rumbles of thunder and sparks of lightening it's an interesting afternoon. The light is green and grey and would make a beautiful and interesting throw - (thinking crochet or knit?).

Our first calligraphy class was a delight with many laughs and minutes of 'catch-ups' as we talked through our new theme for the year 'Pen and Ink Trails'. Using Klee as inspiration we will be gathering material to create various projects through the year starting with textures using pens and pencils, paper and ink. It should be a wonderful journey.

The studio space is filled with beautiful pieces by various calligraphers and artists which enhances the creative journey and adds inspiration and enjoyment to the time spent in the studio. I always change the studio around placing various 'objets' in different spaces to intrigue and inspire and I'm delighted with the 2017 look.

Bearing in mind that without a creative outlet my life is out of kilter, I love the idea of setting goals for various projects. So far I've kept up: doing a stitch a day (which has turned into a few stitches a week), creating a book filled with projects for calligraphy using pens, paper, pencils and ink, (I need to be ahead of my students) completing many of my WIPs (works in progress) which has really gone well (thank goodness) as I felt totally overwhelmed by all the bags lying around cluttering up my work space.

What has made the completion of pieces easier and more enjoyable is that I decided to make 'cushion size' projects, so every 'very large' project I was doing simply becomes part of a colourful array of cushions. Some of you may recognise a few of the patterns which have been concertinaed into more manageable projects. Cushions will be purple for Ashleigh, blue for Rachel and a combination of bright and cheerful colours for myself. Not only does this cut down on size but it also uses up a whole lot of yarn which was lying around.

This year I will also revisit my poetry and writing. While I cannot call myself an every day writer I still feel the need to write about various experiences. I prefer poetry as I am more able to express myself in shorter sentences with fewer words. I plan to use some of my poetry in my calligraphic work.

David and I pack up for the Kgalagadi soon and we cannot wait to return to the wide open spaces and quiet days filled with sand dunes, game and no horizon landscapes.

Until the next fill your life with kindness and compassion.