A Time to Breathe

As always at the end of the year there is much more time to socialise and re-look at past projects and classes.

We've had a great year in many different ways and on looking back on the fabulous support and efforts put in by everyone, I think it is quite overwhelming.

We worked hard and happily and together we made a difference. What more could we ask for? We have some fun things to work on in 2017 and look forward to creating more beautiful articles to hand to worthy causes.

David and I went to the Free State and enjoyed seeing the transformation of the surrounding countryside. We experienced a few wonderful rainstorms with dramatic strikes of lightening and rolls of thunder.

This is the time of year when I start planning the 2017 worksheets and notes for Penfriends calligraphy students and love the challenge presented to make classes exciting for students who nearly know as much as I do and need to be stimulated by the classes and projects presented.

It's also the time when I settle into completing as many WIPs (Works In Progress) as I can, using yarn that has been hiding in cupboards for a year or so. A friend of mine and I made a pact at the beginning of the year NOT to buy YARN that we couldn't use - and for the most part I stuck to my part of the deal..........and then Scheepjes yarn arrived in South Africa. What a joy to work with and even though it is somewhat pricey, it's well worth the expense.

Our daughter Elizabeth went to Ireland early November and brought back some textured yarn. I am knitting her a cowl which is turning into a lovely accessory. While we were in Zanzibar we discovered various colourful starfish in the shallows. The Scheepjes yarn (which had been bought for a different project) was immediately the yarn of choice and I am crocheting myself a shawl using an easy pattern which allows each piece to be joined together 'on the go' - so NO joining afterwards. I fell in love with Noro silk blend a number of years ago and was of course tempted to purchase some for a jacket which never materialised. As I am fascinated by a 'join as you go' pattern I discovered the mitred square pattern which is really 'make-as-you go'. It is a joy to knit and I am so enjoying the growth of the blanket with little effort and a whole lot of satisfaction.

I take time each day to choose one of the projects to continue working on and often pop one of them in my handbag 'just in case'. The joy of these projects I think is the yarn I'm using and the sheer joy I feel when I know that a small part of the world is in my handbag - Ireland, The Netherlands, Japan. Now isn't that just great?

What about my writing and drawing? Well that has taken another fabulous turn - but more about that next time.

Until next time, spread kindness around like confetti.