Let's Talk Happy Talk

Well, all good things must come to an end, so 'they' say. I on the other, think that things simply get better and better.

The 'Year of the Bear' has ended, but having made and collected over 250 we are all well satisfied. 'Ted' himself is happy to be out of the limelight and sits with his feet up on some books in my bedroom. A job well done I think.

We were all thrilled with the outcome and hopefully left some very happy teddies in the arms of children.

My birthday celebrations couldn't have been more enjoyable. Friends from far and wide joined me and I shared some special moments with warm and lovely people.

David and I left for Zanzibar, one of my favourite destinations on a Saturday - before the sparrows thought of waking and enjoyed a breakfast at the airport. Arriving in Zanzibar is less 'spicy' than the first time we visited, but the sea saltiness and blue waters were enough to relax us as we stepped into our opulent hotel in StoneTown. Formally the Oman Consulate, its marbled floors and wide open views make it easy to settle in for a few days.

We explored Stone Town. Meandered down allies. Chatted to the locals. Watched people in the market places and I even had a chance to practice Swahili, which by the end of our trip had improved from 'Jambo' to 'habari asibui or ajioni' depending on whether it was morning or evening. (How are you this morning/evening).

At first the locals didn't understand what I was saying not expecting me to be able to say any Swahili words and then came to improve my vocab daily.

We then travelled onto Nungwe a small fishing village in the north of the island and having three days to settle into the rhythm of Zanzibar, we were happy to laze away the rest of our time there.

Late morning breakfast overlooking the ocean, lolling on the loungers was the middle of the day activity. We did however manage long strolls on the beach trying to keep the vendors at bay. How many beaded bangles can one actually own?

We left on a Tuesday morning. My feet touched by the sun and sand still clinging to my shoes we arrived home to simply throw out the beach clothes and pack a quick change for our trip to the Free State. That's David for you. Supplies were low down there and we had to 'fill up'. So no sooner had we packed the car than we were on our way.

Farm lands are being prepared for wheat and some look green and promising. It's still dry, but always the hope of rain lingers especially when the sky over the Malutis is lit by fingers of lightening. We had another good time down there with the roses blooming and the lavender wafting scent to us in the evenings. Johannesburg is also touched by summer and the jacarandas have spread their purple skirts around the suburbs.

The 70th birthday celebrations are over and celebrated, I thank David for the gentle step over the 60s into the 70s. Life is rather splendid and I look forward to what the future offers.