A Quick Update

It's windy August here and as our garden in spring cleaned by the gusts of wind I am busy clearing the studio and shelves in the house. I'm also working on WIPs to try and complete as many as I can before spring sprouts in our newly planted garden.

Meanwhile, in the studio teddies are piling against the shelves and tumbling around as the final few are rounded up in time to be handed out on the 30th September at our Teddy Bears' Picnic. The colourful bears sit with Ted in bright and cheerful disarray. We have nearly 200 ready and waiting to be handed out to children in need. So I shall have a very happy birthday celebration indeed.

Some of the Wips (Works In Progress) are progressing well. Five of us shared a 'Robin-a-Long' blanket project where we all created the centre block, added yarn and swopped it every second week. we had a few grumbles, some sighs, but a number of delighted people once we received our nearly completed blankets. Such a good exercise.

At the moment I am in the process of completing a blanket for our new grandson - a knitted design from I Love Yarn with various intarsia animal faces. My friend Mouneen has helped with the bulk of the work for which I am extremely grateful. It will be great fun for the little boy once it's done.

I've also found a lovely scarf/shawl pattern which is easy for the marino/silk/alpaca yarn I was given by my friend Yvonne from Australia. It's beautiful to work with. I broke down and visited the Arthur Bales sale and found some beautiful multi coloured wool for a knee rug for my daughter-in-law's mother for her birthday.

Finally I am just about finished a cowl made from a soft, cream yarn from Turkey for my daughter Elizabeth. All this because I have a birthday coming up and think it is time to clear out the cobwebs and bags filled with random projects.

To be honest, I suppose the real reason I'm doing the clear up is that a friend and I want to begin an exciting CAL (crochet-a-long) project name Demelza after Ross Poldark's wife - a glorious blanket with intricate designs and spring coloured yarn. Good enough reason to make things ready.

Calligraphy is good to me as I am the 'bespoke' calligrapher for various brands out in the real world. MontBlanc calls on me for various events as does Ted Baker, the clothing brand. I am usually asked to demonstrate or give a lecture to their clients which is always fun. There is often a photo booth and the 'staff' take advantage when there are no clients. Ashleigh, Rachel and nana always have a great time spoofing around.

I will add images of the various projects which are on the go as well as the Thursday calligraphy class projects and creativity which is always interesting to view.

Until then be well and creative.