Home after Zambia

What an enjoyable trip we had, although that was to be expected with great destinations and great people on the tour.

We left early one morning with the usual pent-up excitement to land in Lusaka mid morning and were immediately collected by the Thornicroft team. As always I ordered leopards for my favourite 'spot' and leopards we were given. Almost morning, noon and night. What lithe creatures they are.

From the Luangwa Valley and Thornicroft we flew back to Lusaka and were met by the Mukambi team who took us to a beautiful lodge on the Kafue river where we spent the night and were transported to Fig Tree Lodge. With comfortable tree house accommodation, we had views over the river and plains. Our biggest problem there were the ****//&& tsetse flies which zoomed onto us with great alacrity. Even the burning, smoking can of elephant dung which swung from the back of the 4x4 which bounced us around the park did little to alleviate the tsetse problem.

We had a good time and were treated to delicious meals (which I always marvel at being a 1000 ams from nowhere) and some interesting game viewing which included two young cheetahs on a (successful) hunt with mother overseeing in the bushes.

From Mukambi we were taken back to Lusaka and flew onto Livingtone where we were left in the lap of luxury near the famous Mosi-oa-Tunya (smoke that thunders) falls which we viewed from the Zambian side. It was a delightful return to civilisation with the fruit-salad mix of cultures and activities to enjoy.

David with a few of our guests had been badly bitten by the beastly flies and I had been bitten on my face which swelled up like a poor botox/filler face repair. Although my wrinkles disappeared for three days, I felt most uncomfortable for that time and was relieved when the corrugations of age returned. However the falls are as breathtaking as ever, with rainbows and water cascading over the ravines and mist which added a certain mystery to each visit.

From Lusaka we flew to Kasane where we were greeted by the Pangolin team who transported us by ferry across the Zambezi, left Zambia, entered Botswana, left Botswana, entered Namibia is a few seamless border crossings within an hour. Yes we were rather bemused, but it was so worth the effort as we arrived at our houseboat which would be our home for the next few days.

The photographers had the challenge of taking photos on small boats which rocked at any movement but the photographic opportunities were remarkable and if anyone didn't capture at least one flying bird, not to mention elephants it wasn't the fault of our captains.

Perhaps you are wondering if I had any chance to do some creative work or crocheting? Well, I did manage some 'extreme' crocheting while bouncing around on the back of a 4x4 dodging tsetse flies. I experienced perfect quiet moments on the river while the photographers were balancing their lenses and dodging flying birds, but more about that another time.

We received the most wonderful news while we were away. Our daughter-in-law was expecting a baby which we hoped would be born just a few days before we arrived home so we could participate in the celebrations. However our grandson had other ideas and arrived two weeks early. With little connectivity we received news intermittently which did not detract from our utmost joy.

So with joy in my heart and great delight we have met the little boy the moment we landed and all is well at home.

Until next time, be well and happy