Off on Safari

By now you know David that and I love photography, wildlife, family and friends...and don't forget the coffee. We have done a great deal of visiting, creating and family visits over the past few months.

We've had a busy time in the studio with people finding new places to open their creative abilities and challenging my own creativity which is always fun. Next term will another 'finding out' for four weeks - with many creative puzzles and ideas.

We are about to embark on a 3 week safari with friends from South Africa, the UK and Australia which will be hard work but hopeful another great experience.

We fly to Lusaka and go straight to Mmfui in the Luangua valley which is on the river in beautiful open plain surroundings. Hopefully we will spot a leopard or two - probably my favourite predator - with some wonderful other plains game too. We then move on to Mukambi and then the Victoria Falls. After the falls we 'sail down the river' on a houseboat for a few days of luxury to end off the trip. Hopefully everyone will be comfortable and excited by this special trip.

We now have 90 teddy bears (and still counting). Adrienne and her 'Yarn Tree' friends have added a whole number of teddies, together with the wonderful 'old faithful' friends who add up 20 teddies a week. A WONDERFUL response, thank you all.

We also handed out over 100 blankets this winter. Sizwe Hospital school, a small home in Kelvin and a Home of Hope in Kensington were the recipients of the blankets. So very humbling when you realise that these children have little joy in their lives, but wonderful, wonderful house mothers and carers.

Our group 'Friends with Threads' is now collecting for a small family in the Free State - 9 people and we already have blankets and scarves for them. Of course we have set a new challenge - making about 40 ponchos for little people which we will handout on or around Mandela Day on the 18 July. Thank you to everyone who is assisting in this outreach.

But the big question is 'What to do when we are away'? As we have a weight restriction decisions have to be made! I am taking knitting (because honestly this is my first love and easier for me than crocheting - I understand the TERMS - I mean k1, p1 means much more to me than ch2, DC4, ch1 etc.) and with a circular needle it's so much simpler. I will take some crocheting too and of course a camera, a notebook a small palette of paints and my Kindle. My biggest concern is will I have enough books loaded and the YARN - enough to keep the projects going? Luckily yarn doesn't weigh much, as to run out would be unthinkable. We will be in the middle of the bush and that means very little of anything except wildlife. I have been known to get rather grumpy if I can't complete a project.

But the great news is that we are expecting another grandchild at the end of July. I've had serious talks to the little one about not arriving while nana is away.... I hope this baba is a listener otherwise the nana will have some serious discussions on her return to Johannesburg.

From a chilly Johannesburg, keep warm and be good to yourselves.