Packing again....

I do hope you had a wonderful festive season. We were fortunate to have our immediate family, Miriam - our new daughter-in-law's family and a couple of dear friends to a festive dinner on Christmas Eve. The table was decked, not with boughs of holly but with roses and ivy, crackers and many platters of delicious food.

Roses and baubles

Last year I undertook to make each family member a blanket. I finished two. One for John and one for Elizabeth. Rachel and Ashleigh's blankets are still in progress. I confess it seems that I contributed to many other charity projects and didn't complete 'the orders'. However the girls did receive quilted blankets beautifully made by my talented friend Mouneen. (What I would do without her I have no idea!).

Rachel and Ashleigh with their quilts

Perhaps in 2016 I shall complete the nearly done blankets which will be a great surprise for us all! I have a few nearly completed projects which are, well, nearly completed. I am trying very hard to finish them before 2016 arrives or at least before we go away on 8 January.

Mouneen and I made a pact that we are not allowed to start any new projects (unless it was a charity one) before most of our WIP's (Works In Progress) are done. She has been extremely good. I have been catching up slowly and have decided that my original childhood learning of knitting before crochet makes me a knitter first and a crocheter second. (and that is as good excuse as any).

Scarf made with pure mohair - like knitting with cobwebs - beautiful

Monsoon Shawl using beautiful dipped yarn which creates this beautiful tone change

We leave for the Kalagadi transfrontier park in just over a week and will ensure that I pack enough yarn to 'keep me going' while we are away. (I ran out last trip). I have put together some great projects both knitted and crocheted and I have two craft bags ready to go. In these I will also find a small space for my paints and pens and a book or two loaded onto the Kindle. Hopefully I will be set for the 14 days we are away in the bush as I know that David will be well positioned behind his camera for hours at a time.

The Monday I return will be back to teaching calligraphy (twice a week again this year). The theme for 2016 is 'The Fine Art of Letter Writing' which gives everyone a huge scope for creativity and good worksmanship.

Wishing you a wonderful 2016 with enough books to fill your library, enough ink to write five alphabets and enough yarn to complete at least one blanket.

Rachel, David, A-M and Ashleigh