I love Knitting

Says it all. Thank you Pintolines Art Studio

I was about 4 when my ouma taught me to knit.

In kindergarten we knitted teddy bears, golliwogs (yes we did) and rabbits and learned to cast on, off, purl, plain and do moss stitch. We had FUN!

I was about 64 when my friend Paddy tried to teach me to crochet. Together with Mouneen they have laboured together to teach me a new skill and with slight grimaces on their faces they have taken me from chain to Amigurumi, American crochet stiches to English.

I learned that crocheting is quicker, uses more yarn and sometimes turns me into a screaming peehaa and sometimes even puts me into a 'toestand' because I don't 'have the terminology' in my head or fingers.

Crocheting uses different muscles too. However, once you've 'got it' it is easy to transport and (dare I say this) fun to do.

Knitting, on the the other hand, uses less yarn but takes longer to complete but I continue to knit everyday and pick up my knitting projects when all else fails. It's sophorific and soothing. My children have been know to yell 'Quick, find ma's knitting' when things get wild.

At the beginning of this year (which seems forever ago) I took four projects into the Kalagadi when we made our annual tour of the Kalagadi Trans-Frontier Park and happily crocheted and knitted my way along the dusty roads greeting lions, cheetah and springbok with yarn-in-hand. I ran out of yarn about four days before the end of our trip which was most disconcerting and nearly turned me grumpy, but I had my watercolours and many books to fall back on.

Fortunately yarn doesn't weigh much so when I fly I am able to tuck balls of every colour and hue into corners of my case. When we drive I squash at least two bags filled with projects behind my seat and feel rather smug as I pull out the required colours as dust billows behind us. (David has asked me numerous times if I have stashed enough yarn into my bags for our forthcoming trip}.

We leave for the Kalahari early January and I have one knitting bag and one crochet bag ready. In them are several size needles and crochet hooks, a few new patterns and enough yarn to restock our small store.

Ready to go

A project or two

I have met some wonderful crafters, trawled through remarkable websites: do you KNOW how much information is out there? Gracious I really won't live long enough to complete all the projects I would like to.

With two other like minded young women (they are at least 20 years younger than I am) Adrienne and Kelly, we started a small yarn shop in my calligraphy studio called The Yarn Tree. This is of course is a wonderful excuse to buy another colour or ball or pattern and continue to crochet or knit on.

This is really a thank you to my ouma and Miss Niblock in Kindergarten and to all you lovely patient people who have sat by me quietly (or not so quietly) to urge me to 'get on with it, you can do this'!

I really love every moment of these new creative skills.

Happy Holidays.